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Kan Mi Youn
Kan Mi-Yeon.jpg
Background information
Born (1982-02-02) February 2, 1982 (age 33)
Origin South Korea
Genres Pop
Occupation(s) Singer, Model, Radio Host
Years active 1997–Present
Labels Source Music
Associated acts Baby V.O.X
Website Source Music
Kan Mi-youn
Hangul 간미연
Revised Romanization Gan Mi-yeon
McCune–Reischauer Kan Miyŏn
This is a Korean name; the family name is Kan.

Kan Mi Youn (Hangul: 간미연, Hanja: 簡美妍, born February 2, 1982) is a South Korean singer, model, radio show host, designer and business woman. Kan was the leader singer in legendary girl group Baby V.O.X from 1997 to 2006.[1] Following the group's breakup, Kan moved on to pursue a career as a solo artist.


1997–2006: Baby V.O.X. Days[edit]

Main article: Baby V.O.X

Kan Mi Youn debuted in 1997 as a member of the legendary girl group Baby V.O.X, replacing ex-member Cha Yu-Mi, who was injured on stage during a performance.[2] Kan was given the title of 'princess' by her fellow members and fans, and was known for her cute and comical traits. Kan was considered the main, and best, vocalist of the group, due to her ability to hit high notes.[3]

Following the release of Baby V.O.X's third studio album, Come Come Come Baby, the lead single, Get Up, reached number one on Korea's pop charts, securing their spot as one of Korea's top pop music groups. The group gained a vast loyal fan base in Korea, China, Thailand and other Asian markets.[4][5]

Despite garnering a large fan base, Kan was a frequent target of anti-fans.[6] The most shocking incident was in 1999, when Kan was targeted for murder by a fan of the Korean boy group H.O.T.[7] Kan was rumored to be dating H.O.T member Moon Hee Joon, which attracted many anti-fans and negative press. She received an envelope containing razor blades and a letter threatening to murder her.[8]

2006: Establishing a Solo Music Career[edit]

In 2006, Kan made the decision to pursue a solo career, and signed with a new record label, thus ending her eight years of activities as a member of Baby V.O.X. Following her departure, Baby V.O.X released one final album and disbanded.[9]

On September 15, 2006, Kan released her first solo album, Refreshing. The album was a reflection on her personal life and maturing as a woman.[10]

Following the release of her album, and after learning how to fluently speak in Mandarin, Kan made the decision to break into the Chinese music market.[11][12]

2007–2009: A Career in China[edit]

While focusing on the Chinese market, Kan managed to reach a significant level of success.[13] One of Kan's most notable feats was winning a famous Mandarin singing competition, 名声大震, with Chinese singer Anson Hu.[14] It was this show that shot her into stardom, securing her as a successful artist in the Chinese music market.[15]

In January 2008, Kan released a Chinese version of her debut Korean album, Refreshing.

Following the Sichuan earthquake in China, Kan collaborated with various Asian artists to release "Promise" and "I Love Asia" for a fund raising project that supported the victims of the earthquake.[16][17][18]

2010: Returning to Korea; Going Crazy[edit]

On July 1, 2010, Kan Mi Youn made her comeback in South Korea after a three year absence. Despite her hiatus, Kan proved that she was still hot in the Korean industry. With her new short hair and sexy image, Kan released her first digital single, Going Crazy (ft. Mir of MBLAQ).[19][20] The music video, which featured Lee Joon and Mir of MBLAQ, recorded over 200,000 views in under an hour on GomTV.[21]

The song proved to be quite successful, and managed to peak at #11 on Korea's top music chart, Gaon.

On July 15, 2010, Kan officially launched her own fashion line named Kanderella. The line was eventually sold on exclusive websites and was reported to be in high demand.[22]

2011: WATCH and OBSESSION[edit]

On February 8, 2011, Kan released a music video teaser for Sunshine (ft. Junsu of 2PM), a pre-release single for her upcoming album. The full-length music video and song were released the following day.[23]

On February 14, 2011, a music video teaser for her lead single, Paparazzi, was released.[24] Two days later, the full-length music video of Paparazzi, (starring Kim Hyung-jun of SS501), was released. The full-length mini-album, WATCH, was digitally and physically released the following day.[25][26] Promotions for Paparazzi began on February 18, 2011, on M! Countdown.[27] The song experienced much attention and even placed Kan in the top spots on music stations, as well as digital music charts.

On September 26, 2011, a music video teaser for Kan's new song, Won't Meet You, was released. Two days later, the full-length music video to Won't Meet You, as well as her second mini-album, OBSESSION, were released. Promotions for Won't Meet You began on September 29, 2011, on M! Countdown.

On October 24, 2011, Kan took over from Noh Hong-chul as DJ for MBC FM4U's Close Friends radio program. The program invites popular Korean singers to showcase their talents and interact with fans. Kan celebrated her 300 day anniversary in August 2012 and reported the program's ratings were higher than ever. Kan ended her position and handed over the baton to UV's Muzie on October 22nd, 2012. The show has since been canceled and replaced by FM Date.[28][29][30][31][32]


In May 2014, Kan signed a contract with Mako Amusement to further both her musical and acting career. She joins her fellow ex-Baby V.O.X. member Shim Eun-jin who is also signed with Mako.[33][34]


For Kan Mi Youn's works with Baby V.O.X., see Baby V.O.X..

Television Programs[edit]

  • 2006: MBC 레인보우 로망스 (MBC Nonstop 6, Rainbow Romance)
  • 2008: ETN 간미연의 트렌드섹션
  • 2010: QTV 여자만세


All Awards listed below are referenced from Source Music & Naver[35][36]

Years Awards
  • Sports Seoul Music Awards: New Artist Award
  • SBS Music Awards: Choice Award & Vocalist Award
  • KBS Music Awards: New Artist Award
  • 10th Seoul Music Awards: Best Singer Award
  • SBS Music Awards: Choice Award
  • KBS Music Awards: Choice Award
  • MBC Music Awards: Choice Award
  • KMTVMusic Awards: Choice Award
  • M-net Music Awards: Choice Award
  • 제1회 애견문화인의 상
  • 11th Seoul Music Awards: Most Popular Award
  • SBS Music Awards: Choice Award
  • KBS Music Awards: Choice Award
  • ITV Music Awards: Choice Award
  • MBC Music Awards: Choice Award
  • KBS Music Awards: Choice Award
  • 2001 Golden Disk Awards: Most Popular Award
  • Award Model Line: Best Dressed Singer
  • 2001연기SPORTS가요대상: 선행상
  • SBS Music Award: Most Popular Song Award
  • KBS Music Award: Choice Award
  • 2002 Golden Disk Awards: Choice Award
  • KMTV Music Awards: Hallyu Special Award
  • 13th Seoul Music Awards: Choice Award
  • KMA Korean Music Awards: Best Singer of the Year
  • 14th Seoul Music Awards: Choice Award
  • SBS Music Award: Choice Award
  • KBS Music Award: Choice Award
  • 2003 Golden Disk Awards: Choice Award
  • 2003연기SPORTS 가요대상:본상
  • 2006 International Audio Visual Exposition of China: Special Award
  • 2007 Chinese University Music Festival: Most Popular Foreign Singer
  • 2007 Chinese TV Singing Competition "名声大震": Champion (with Anson Hu)
  • 2007 International Entertainment Online: Best Upcoming Korean Female Star
  • 7th Southeast 동남 경폭 Music Awards: Best International Artist Award


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