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For the highway, see Kancamagus Highway.

Kancamagus (pronounced "Kank-ah-MAW-gus", The Fearless One[citation needed]), third and final Sagamore of the Penacook Confederacy of Native American tribes. Nephew of Wonalancet and grandson of Passaconaway,[1] Kancamagus ruled what is now southern New Hampshire. Wearied of fighting English settlers, as in the Raid on Dover, he made the decision in 1691 to move north into upper New Hampshire and what is now Quebec, Canada.


Although this article may be descriptive of Kancamagus I find it also misrepresents historical fact. Major Richard Waldron did not "Attack" the Native American's nor did he sell any into slavery. He in fact did apprehend approximately two hundred Native American's that had engaged in hostile acts against the English settlements of New England. Two hundred Native American's were taken to Boston where five or six were hung and the rest sold into slavery, however, the practice of selling captivities of war was not limited to Native American's. Many English Men, Woman, and Children were taken as captivities and sold into slavery during the late seventeenth and early eighteenth century. Hostile Native American's burned homes and settlements and murdered many English planters, and forced many to Canada were they were sold into slavery.