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Kanchiyar is a village located in Idukki district of Kerala, India. It has a large cardamon and pepper plantation. Idukki Dam is located near Kanchiyar. The main settlements in Kanchiyar are Kozhimala, Swaraj, Labbakkada, Thoppipala, Mattappalli and Kakkattukada.


There are 315 families with 1590 members divided into 18 prayer groups. The parishioners are mostly farmers. There are many distinguished, eminent personalities, who have proved their mettle in the overall development of the parish.


The Clarist Convent started its career in 1957 in the land donated by Shri Mathai Kalappurackal. The L.S.T. Convent began its missionary work on January 7, 1996. The Snehashram for destitute, under the guardianship of Rev. Fr. Francis OFM is at Nariampara, the board of this parish.


Kannchiyar panchayath is inhabited by the tribal community Mannan. The Mannan community has unique culture and rituals. They have a kingdom at KOVILMALA with an elected tribal king. This community is the only tribal community in Kerala that has a king, and one of the only two such tribes in India. The most current king is Raman Raja Mannan who was elected in March 2012. He was elected after the death of the previous king, Aryan Raja Mannan.


The Following are the Institution on which we feel proud of St. Mary's L.P. and U.P. Schools which were started in 1959and 1977 respectively, the Clarist Convent, Mar Mathew Kavukattu Memorial Nursery run by the Clarist Convent, Marian Nursery School run by the Parish, J.P.M. Junior and B. Ed College which was started in 2005 by the C.S.T. fathers.


Kanchiyar is a Panoramic, serene place in Kanchiyar Panchayath, of Ayyappancoil Village, near Kattappana in udumbanchola Taluk in the district of Idukki, of the State of Kerala, which is very near to the famous tourist centre, Anchuruli (Idukki reservoir). Kanchiyar St. Mary’s Church belongs to the diocese of Kanjirappally. All the public disregarding caste and creed throng to this church for worship on festive occasions. The church is 67 km from Kanjirappally.

Anjuruli is a tourist spot located 3 km from Kanchiyar village, on the Kottayam-Kattapana route in Idukki District. It is about 5 km from Labbakkandom settlement of the Periyar Lake, and is a catchment area of Idukki Arch Dam, providing a bewitching and awesome view of nature. Anjuruli is famous for the waterfall which can be reached with the help of the local people. This gushing water that comes from Erattayar River is stored here for the Idukki hydro-electric project.

Anjuruli is a picturesque picnic spot with a splendid view of semi-evergreen forest, grassland and hilly areas of the Western Ghats. Anchuruli is also an ideal place for fishing. A 4.75 km tunnel passes through the mountain, connecting Erattayar and Anchuruli. Water passes through this tunnel and drains into the lake. The adventurous ones can walk into the tunnel during summer although it is dangerous. Pullumedu is another place worth visiting.

The best time for visit Anjuruli is after the rainy season. Trekking is possible with the prior permission from the Divisional forest Office at Kanchiyar. The common sites in Anchuruli are Edapalayam, Para Valavu, Nellippara, Kozhikkannam and Chakkuppara. Nellikkampetty is a nearby tourist spot.

Anjuruli can be approached by bus from Kattapana to Kanchiyar. From Kanchiyar, a trek through the forest road leads to Anjuruli. Kanchiyar is on the Kattappana-Kottayam route, around 9 km from Kattappana. Taxis are available from Kanchiyar to Anchuruli. The nearest railway station is at Kottayam.