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Kandyba is an ancient settlement in Lycia, in modern-day Antalya province on the southwestern Mediterranean coast of Turkey. The settlement was called Hinduwa by the Hittites, and was known as Xākbi in Lycian, Κάνδυβα in Greek, and Candyba in Latin. The modern Turkish village next to the ruins of ancient Kandyba is named Çataloluk.


The ancient settlement is set on a hilltop high above the plain of Kasaba, 13 kilometres north of Kaş. The modern village is located to the south of the ruins.


In antiquity, Kandyba was one of the smaller cities of Lycia, but was an independent polis with voting rights in the Lycian League and minted its own coins. In late antiquity and early Byzantine period, Kandyba was seat of a bishop.


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