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Kane & Abel
Background information
Also known as Double Vision
Origin New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S.
Genres Southern hip hop
Years active 1995–present
Labels No Limit, Priority, Elektra
Associated acts Master P, Outlawz, Snoop Dogg, Solé, Fat Joe, Mystikal, C-Murder, Magic, Silkk the Shocker, Mia X, Ruda Real
Members Daniel "Kane" Garcia
David "Abel" Garcia

Kane & Abel, formally known as 'Double Vision', is an American hip hop duo formed by twin brothers Daniel and David Garcia that were founded by Master P in late 1995. They were best known for their time with No Limit Records.


In the earlier years of Kane & Abel, they were known as Double Vision.

Kane and Abel's record label "Most Wanted Records" was Billboard's #2 Urban Label in 1999. The brothers expanded their entertainment business activities and found success in filming urban DVDs and writing fiction novels.

In 2013 Daniel " Abel" Garcia executive produced the feature film, " Loose" starring Meagan Good, Raven Simone, and Garcelle Beauvais.

As a producer and director.. he has over forty independent feature films to his credit.

David " Kane" Garcia has also entered into the film distribution and production business. His company, " New Conquest Films" also has over thirty five independent films to its credit.

Current years[edit]

The brothers have both expanded their film production empire to include internet programming, and television series.


Studio albums[edit]

Guest appearances[edit]

  • 1997
  1. "Pop Goes My 9" off the TRU album Tru 2 da Game
  2. "West to South' off the Steady Mobb'n album Pre-Meditated Drama
  3. "For Realz" off the I'm Bout It soundtrack
  4. "Mama's Family" of the Mia X album Unlady Like
  5. "5 Hollow points" of the Mr. Serv-On album Life Insurance
  6. "Throw 'em Up" off the Master P album Ghetto D
  • 1998
  1. "What Gangstas Do" off the Silkk The Shocker album Charge It 2 da Game
  2. "Soldiers" off the C-Murder album Life or Death
  3. "Tell Me What You're Lookin' For" off the I Got The Hook Up soundtrack
  4. "What Cha Mean" off the Fiend album There's One in Every Family
  5. "N.L. Party" off the Soulja Slim album Give It 2 'Em Raw
  6. "Hot Boys and Girls" off the Master P album MP da Last Don
  7. "Wooo" off the Mac album Shell Shocked
  8. "Gimpin'" off the Magic album Sky's the Limit
  9. "Money Makes.." off the Prime Suspects album Guilty 'til Proven Innocent
  10. "Puttin' It Down" off the Mia X album Mama Drama
  11. "It's a Riot" off the We Can't Be Stopped compilation
  • 1999
  1. "Tank Nigga" off the Mr. Serv-On album Da Next Level
  2. "Ghetto Boy" off the C-Murder album Bossalinie
  3. "Yes Indeed" off the Foolish soundtrack
  • 2001
  1. "Fearless" off the Graveyard Soldjas album 3 Time Losers
  2. "Swamp" off the Off The Tank compilation
  3. "Let Me Get Up In Ya" off the Off The Tank compilation
  4. "At Yo' Service" off the Lil Italy album Full Blown
  5. "Money" of the Partners-N-Crime album World Premiere
  6. "Souljaz" off the 812 Souljaz album Four Corner Hustler
  • 2004
  1. "Can I Ball" off the Masa' Smoke album The Mandingo Warrior

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