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The kane or shō ( or ?) [kane] is a type of bell from Japan. In the gagaku music this instrument is called shōko.

Japanese Kane bell.jpg

Often accompanying Japanese folk music, or Min'yō, is a dish-shaped bell called a "Kane" (?). It is often hung on a bar, and the player holds the bell in place with one hand, and beats the Kane with a specialized mallet with the other. There are two specific sounds that the Kane makes, and the Japanese call them "chin" and "kon." "Chin," is when the mallet hits the interior sides of the bell, while "kon" is when the mallet hits the flat round inner face. It is also used in Buddhism or Shinto ceremonies like a gong.

A bell-shaped "kane" (?) is sometimes used for musical instrument, but in case of calling Kane, regardless of bigger or smaller size, is more known for being a Buddhist temple's equipment, used as a time signal or alert in Japan. See Japanese bells.

A bell charm called a "Suzu" (?) is also used as a metallic musical instrument. See Suzu.

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