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This is a Korean name; the family name is Kang.
Kang Seung Yoon
Birth name Kang Seung Yoon
Born (1994-01-21) January 21, 1994 (age 20)
Busan, South Korea
Genres K-pop
Occupation(s) Singer-songwriter, Actor
Instruments Vocals, Guitar
Years active 2010–Present
Labels YG Entertainment
Associated acts WINNER, YG Family, Big Bang
Korean name
Hangul 강승윤
Revised Romanization Gang Seung-yun
McCune–Reischauer Kang Sŭng-yun

Kang Seung Yoon (born (1994-01-21)January 21, 1994) is a South Korean singer-songwriter and actor. He is a member of boy group WINNER.[1] He took part in Superstar K2 and finished in fourth place. In January 2011, he signed as a trainee for YG Entertainment.[2]

Life and career[edit]

Early life[edit]

Kang Seung Yoon was born in Busan, South Korea on January 21, 1994. Kang reportedly learned guitar in the eighth grade. In his last year of junior high, Kang Seung-yoon learned both classic guitar and how to play billiards. Spending some time on the professional billiards circuit and winning at a national competition in Busan, he became Busan’s representative in billiards.[3] He graduated from Busan High School of Arts majoring in classic guitar in 2012.[4] Kang starred on MBC's High Kick: Revenge of the Short Legged.[5]

2010–2011:Superstar K2 contestant, High Kick 3[edit]

Kang Seung Yoon was a Superstar K2 contestant, finishing in fourth place. During his time on the show, he released two singles, "I'll Write You a Letter" and "Instinctively". "I'll Write You a Letter" peaked at number 24,[6] before eventually falling off of the charts. It was released on the Superstar K2: Top 6 (My Story) album. "Instinctively" become a top-selling single in Korea, peaking at number one on the Gaon Chart.[7] The song became one of the top 100 songs of the year.[8] It was released on its own as a digital single and later in the Superstar K2 compilation album, Superstar K2 Up to 11.[1] Kang also released "Life is Tab" along with three other contestants to promote the Samsung Galaxy Tab.[9]

After initial success with Superstar K2, CEO Yang Hyun Suk signed Kang to YG Entertainment on January 12, 2011.[2] Kang also released a single, "You are Heaven", for the soundtrack of the Korean drama Midas.[10]

Seung Yoon partook in MBC's hit series "High Kick". Starring alongside F(x) member Krystal and Lee Jong Suk. Kang plays himself in this series as a weird kid (through Yoo Sun's eyes). He has a heavy southern Korean accent and came to Seoul, dreaming to become the President. He first met the Ahn family in the streets when they were running away and later invited himself to their house. He became Jong Seok's best friend when he saved him from a car crash. It is implied later through the episodes that he and Soo-jung (Krystal) may have feelings for one another.

2013: Debut under YG Entertainment, Winner[edit]

On June 20, 2013, Yang Hyun Suk announced through a Q&A on YG Life that Seung Yoon will debut with his first song under YG Entertainment named "Wild & Young" (composed by Teddy) on July 15, before releasing a mini album afterwards. "Wild & Young" is said to be a strong rock song perfect for this summer season.The same day it has been said that YG will debut a reality program called WIN[11] (part of the Who Is Next campaign) in which two boy groups (A and B) will go against each other to have the chance to debut at the end of the 10th and last episode to become the winner.

On July 15, 2013, it was announced that Seung Yoon's Debut song "Wild & Young" is postponed until the end of July. Despite this setback, it was announced that another song from his mini album "It Rains" will be released beforehand on July 16, 2013. Seung Yoon's mini album is set to be released by the beginning of September.[12] At 7AM KST on July 17, 2013, just a day after the release, his digital single "It Rains" achieved an all-kill by scoring #1 on all 9 major real-time charts.[13] On July 18, 2013, Kang Seung Yoon released a video message to fans on YG Entertainment's official YouTube channel to thank his fans for their continuing support and love he received while he trained for the last 3 years and for the love he received for his new single release. He also thanked CEO Yang Hyun Suk for the support and love he gave to him throughout the 3 years of training,to all his sunbaenims who believed in him, and Double Park's Sandara Park and Park Bom for helping promoting him.[14]

On July 22, 2013, YG Entertainment releases Seung Yoon's first teaser photo for his digital single "Wild & Young" which is set to be released on July 31, 2013.[15] In addition to his single release, it was announced through YG Life's Q&A that Seung Yoon will be releasing 3 title tracks off of his mini album (a promotion tactic similar to what of labelmate Lee Hi did when she debuted as a singer).

After releasing "Wild & Young" the other 2 title tracks will be release each in August and September. It was also said that the third title track was written by labelmate G-Dragon. Seung Yoon is planned to start promoting his title track "Wild & Young" beginning on Inkigayo on August 4, 2013.[16]

YG Entertainment surprised fans with the release of Seung Yoon's August release of his 3rd single (2nd title track) "맘도둑 (Stealer)" on August 14, 2013 at noon KST. During a press release on the same day of the release, a YG Representative commented that the mv for "맘도둑 (Stealer)" was "filmed secretly" and that they "wanted to release the song suddenly so that it will not disrupt his "Wild & Young" promotions." "맘도둑 (Stealer)" showcased a soft and mellow sound that differed from that of his previous single "Wild & Young", which was a more upbeat rock song. The MV of "맘도둑 (Stealer)" also starred rookie actress Yoon Jin-yi ( A Gentleman's Dignity) who shared two onscreen kisses with Seung Yoon.[17]

As of the 7th episode of YG's WIN Program on Mnet, Kang Seung Yoon has replaced bandmate Song Minho as the new leader of Team A. On October 25, 2013 at the finale of YG's WIN:WHO IS NEXT, Team A won and debuted as the group Winner under YG Entertainment. At the conclusion of the show it was announced that Winner and Team B will immediately release a total of 4 self composed songs on October 28, 2013. They then went on tour with fellow senior labelmates Big Bang as the opening act of Big Bang's Japan Dome tour which started on November 15, 2013. After numerous delays, Winner's debut launch was announced to be on August 12, 2014 following a series of "Winner Weeks" and a Grand Launch video containing the dates of their releases.



Year Title Peak chart positions Sales Album
2010 "I'll Write You a Letter" 24
  • KOR: --
Top 6 (My Story)
"Instinctively" 1
  • KOR: --
Up to 11
2011 "You are Heaven" 10
  • KOR: 9,167,680+ [19]
Midas OST
2013 "It Rains" 1
  • KOR: 587,724+ [20]
"Wild and Young" 18
  • KOR: 119,009+ [21]
"맘도둑 (Stealer)" 9
  • KOR: 198,150+ [22]

Production Credits[edit]

Year Album Song Lyrics Music
Credited With Credited With
2010 Top 6 (My Story) I'll Write You a Letter Yes Yes
2013 FINALE BATTLE (WHO IS NEXT:WIN) Just Another Boy Yes Song Min-ho, Nam Taehyun, Teddy
Go Up Yes Song Min-ho, Lee Seung-hoon Yes
2014 2014 S/S Color Ring Yes Song Min-ho, Lee Seung-hoon Yes Seung Chun Ham, Uk Jin Kang, Sung Hwak Cho, Dee.P
Love Is a Lie Yes Song Min-ho, The Fliptones
Different Yes Song Min-ho, Lee Seung-hoon Yes Song Min-ho
Smile Again Yes Song Min-ho, Lee Seung-hoon Yes Song Min-ho, Dee.P


Music videos[edit]

Year Title Length Reference
2011 "Life is Tab (Dance Ver.)" 2:04 [23]
"You are Heaven" 3:47
2012 "Smile, My Love" 3:38
2013 "Wild and Young" 3:52
"맘도둑 (Stealer)" 3:48


Television dramas[edit]

Variety shows[edit]

Awards and Nominations[edit]

Cyworld Digital Music Awards[edit]

Year Category Recipient Result
2010 Rookie of the Month (October) Kang Seung-yoon Won

Gaon Chart 2010 Year-End Awards[edit]

Year Category Recipient Result
2010 Rookie of the Year Kang Seung-yoon Won

Melon Music Awards[edit]

Year Category Recipient Result
2013 Music Style Award:Best Rock It Rains Nominated

Seoul Music Award[edit]

Year Category Recipient Result
2013 Rookies Award Kang Seung-yoon Nominated


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