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Kaninchen (German for rabbit) are a Dutch hardcore band, formed in the fall of 2004 in The Hague. They are known for their extravert stage acts (especially by frontman László Huszár), wacky lyrics and innovative songs ranging from hardcore punk to metalcore.


Formed by vocalist László Huszár and bassist Maurits Koelen, the duo quickly added drummer JP Koelen and guitarist Tjebbe Vlieg to complete the original line-up of Kaninchen. After their first gig however, the band decided an additional guitarist, to create a broader sound, was needed. Eventually it would be Joshua Snow (The Confidants) to fill that spot. By the end of 2005, however, Tjebbe Vlieg left on friendly terms with the band, feeling bluesrock was the direction he himself would personally like to head in. By the end of 2006, Joshua Snow decided to leave the band on friendly terms, the main reason being to work on his "The Confidants" project. Quickly, Kaninchen found a new lead guitarist in the person of Ilja "The String Strangler", and made a musical move towards the hardcore genre, while still maintaining the rawness of the hardrock they had been playing and the innovative style that had marked the band since its beginnings.

Change in style[edit]

Kaninchen's sound has changed a lot since the leaving of Tjebbe Vlieg and the departure of main songwriter Joshua Snow. There's a distinct difference between songs like Unglaub (Vlieg/[lyrics]Huszár) & Down Under (Vlieg/Snow/[lyrics]Huszár), The Affinity (Snow/[lyrics]Huszár) & Christopher (Snow/[lyrics]Huszár), and The Anthem (Ilja/[lyrics]Huszár) & My Way (Ilja/[lyrics]Huszár). From a more bluesy punkrock, to hardrock and progressive, into experimental hardcore punk nowadays.

Another change in both style and bandmembers happened at the end of January 2007. Kaninchen-frontman Laszlo decided to concentrate on other things and left the band. Future concerts will show the impact of this dramatic change. New singers and songwriters are guitar-player Ilja and bass-player Maurits, both working hard for lyrics and riffs. Kaninchen has decided to continue without their founder...


The leftovers of Kaninchen, however, decided to change the name Kaninchen into The Seed Of Kaninchen: BUNNYCUM, because Kaninchen without László just isn't the same. According to the band Kaninchen WAS László really! But after a while László actually decided to return, because he really missed making music and performing on stage with a band.

And again the band changed its name, because the music has been changed too much and they've shot the bunny anyway. Looking for a nice new name turned out to be a hell of a job, so it was decided that everyone just had to make up their own name for the band. And so the band was called Name It Yourself...

After a couple of gigs as NIY László left the band once again. This time for real and forever. It marked the absolute and definitive end of the Kaninchen-era.

Maurits, JP and Ilja burned the bunny bridge, but weren't planning to call it a day. After a break they formed yet again a new band, but not just any new band... No. With Marc on trombone as a fourth member they're now HAPPY FAILURES! Everything that even remotely reminds one of Kaninchen, is by now blown away, and completely terminated!

Former members[edit]

  • Maurits Koelen - Bass guitar, vocals
  • Ilja "The String Strangler" Idris - Guitar, vocals
  • JP Koelen - Drums
  • Laszlo Huszar - Vocals
  • Joshua Snow - Guitar, backing vocals
  • Tjebbe Vlieg - Guitar

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