Kannonzaki Lighthouse

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Kannonzaki Lighthouse
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Kannonzaki Lighthouse
Kannonzaki Lighthouse is located in Japan
Kannonzaki Lighthouse
Location Cape Kannon, Miura Peninsula, Yokosuka, Kanagawa, Japan
Coordinates 35°15′22″N 139°44′43″E / 35.25611°N 139.74528°E / 35.25611; 139.74528
Year first constructed 1869
Year first lit February 11, 1869 (1869-02-11)

19 meters from ground to top of tower

56 meters from mean sea level to center of light
Intensity 77,000 Candles
Range 19 Nautical Mile
Characteristic White concrete tower

Kannonzaki Lighthouse (観音埼灯台) is a lighthouse on Cape Kannon, on Miura Peninsula, in Yokosuka, Kanagawa, Japan.

The original Kannonsaki Lighthouse was the first lighthouse built in Japan. It was one of the eight lighthouses whose constructed was stipulated by the Anglo-Japanese Treaty of Amity and Commerce of 1958. The treaty provided for the development of aids to navigation with the opening of Japanese ports to foreign trade. Modern engineering methods had not been developed in Japan at the time so the Tokugawa Shogunate requested the assistance of the authorities of France and England for the construction of lighthouses and the purchasing of necessary equipment.

The Tokugawa Shogunate specifically planed to construct a lighthouse at the mouth of Tokyo Bay for vessels that would leave the Yokosuka Iron Works then under construction. After the fall of the Tokugawa Shogunate The new Meiji government commenced construction of the first lighthouse with Francois Leon Verny, an employee of the Yokosuka Iron Works, as the chief engineer. The work was commenced in November 1868, and completed after four months. The Lighthouse was first lit on February 11, 1869 during the last months of the Boshin War. The original lighthouse was a western style building made of brick (made at the Yokosuka Iron Works under the instruction of Francois Leon Verny), rectangular in shape, and painted white. It was immediately followed, in December 1869, by the completion of the Nojimazaki Lighthouse, also by Léonce Verny, on the other side of Tokyo Bay.

As structures made of brick are weak against earthquakes, the lighthouse was completely destroyed by the earthquake that occurred on April 26, 1922. The reconstruction of the lighthouse as a reinforced concrete structure was completed on March 15, 1923. However, the new lighthouse functioned for only six months before again being damaged by the great Kanto Earthquake of September 1st 1923(magnitude 7.9), the lighthouse was fractured with cracks and the top collapsed. Restoration work on the lighthouse was commenced on September 18th 1924 and, on June 1st, 1925, the present Kannonsaki Lighthouse was completed.