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Origin Italy Italy
Genres Italo disco
Years active 1979–1990
Labels Emergency, Full Time Records, IF Records
Past members Luciano Ninzatti, Stefano Pulga, Matteo Bonsanto, Glen White

Kano was a music project formed in Milan, Italy in 1979 by producers/musicians Luciano Ninzatti, Stefano Pulga and Matteo Bonsanto. Kano was one of the earliest music groups to usher in a new style of dance music called Italo disco.[1]


Kano's debut single was the 1980 international hit "I'm Ready", combining elements of 1970s disco, funk and R&B while extensively using synthesizers and percussive handclaps as well as raw-processed and vocoderized vocals. Kano's self-titled debut album also included "It's a War", "Ahjia", "Now Baby Now" and the instrumental track "Cosmic Voyager". "I'm Ready" peaked at #21 on the U.S. Black Singles chart, while "It's a War" and "Ahjia" were also big hits on the Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart in the U.S., reaching #2 for five weeks.[2]

The project went on to record two other albums, including 1981's New York Cake (which included the minor hits "She's A Star", "Don't Try to Stop Me" and "Can't Hold Back") and 1983's Another Life (including the title track and "I Need Love"). Both albums introduced Kano listeners to West Indian-born singer Glen White. Their last song was 1985's "This Is the Night".

"I'm Ready" was later used as a sample[citation needed] on a few songs, such as Gigolo Tony's 1986 hit "Hoki Poki" and Rofo's 1987 hit "Flashlight In A Disconight". The most well-known use of it as a sample is on Tag Team's 1993 hit, "Whoomp! (There It Is)". "Now Baby Now" was sampled by house artist Felix Da Housecat for his track "Glitz Rock" which appeared on the 2001 album Kittenz and Thee Glitz. "Another Life" was remixed by Master Blaster which features on their 2003 album We Love Italo Disco. "Another Life" was also sampled in the 2005 track "Discopolis" by Lifelike & Kris Menace. "Ikeya Seki" was sampled by French electro house artist Kavinsky for his track "Grand Canyon", which appeared on his 2007 EP, 1986. Finnish rapper Petri Nygård sampled "Ahjia" on his 2009 song "Kotibileet". An arpeggio from "Another Life" was sampled in the 2011 single "Reaching Out" by Nero.

"I'm Ready" was used as an intro/outro theme in the TV interstitial "TV PIXxxx" on WPIX-TV Channel 11, New York City. "TV PIXxxx" was an experimental live interactive game broadcast daily in afterschool hours where a player would send in a postcard to play the game, and if selected, the station would call the winner. The selected caller's audio was broadcast live along with a host's audio. The screen would display an Intellivision game screen (the games varied) and callers would say "pix" to activate the shooter.[3] The reference video does not include the theme song because it was likely to have been a violation of copyright fair use.



Year Name United States R&B Italy Singles Germany Singles Switzerland Singles
1979 "It's a War"
1980 "Now Baby Now"
"Cosmic Voyager"
1981 "I'm Ready" #21
"Baby Not Tonight" #3
1982 "Don't Try to Stop Me"
"Can't Hold Back (Your Lovin')" # 89 POP
1983 "Another Life" #23 #10 #8
"Queen of Witches" #64
"Baby Not Tonight" #29 - #8
1983 "I Need Love"
"China Star"
1983 "Ikeya Seki"
"This Is the Night"


Year Album Label United States R&B Chart United States
Pop Chart
1980 Kano Emergency United States, Full Time Italy #26
1981 New York Cake Emergency United States, Full Time Italy #53 #189
1983 Another Life Emergency Germany, Full Time Italy
1990 Greatest Hits Unidisc Canada


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