Kanopolis Lake

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Kanopolis Lake
Map of Ellsworth Co, Ks, USA.png
Location Ellsworth County, Kansas
Lake type Reservoir
Basin countries United States
Managing agency United States Army Corps of Engineers
Built 1948
Settlements Kanopolis, Langley,
Venango, Yankee Run

Kanopolis Dam is a dam in Ellsworth County in the Smoky Hills of central Kansas, about 31 miles southwest of Salina and a few miles southeast of the town of Kanopolis.

The dam impounds the Smoky Hill River. It was completed in February 1948 as a flood control and water conservation project of the United States Army Corps of Engineers[1] The earthen dam is 131 feet high; no hydroelectric power is generated here.

The resulting Kanopolis Lake is a reservoir of 443,110 acre-feet with a flood control pool of 13,958 surface acres, a multipurpose pool of 3,406 surface acres, and a total shoreline of about 135 miles.

The shoreline is the site of four recreation facilities: Kanopolis State Park and the Venango Public Use Area on the eastern side, and the Yanke Run Point Public Use Area and Boldt Bluff Public Use Area on the western side. The state park, also completed in 1948, includes more than 22,000 acres (89 km²) of rolling hills, bluffs and woods and a 3000 acre (12 km²) lake, offering hunting, fishing, over 25 miles (40 km) of trails, and other recreational activities.[2]

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