Kanor, Rajasthan

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Kanor is located in Rajasthan
Location in Rajasthan, India
Coordinates: 24°26′N 74°16′E / 24.43°N 74.27°E / 24.43; 74.27Coordinates: 24°26′N 74°16′E / 24.43°N 74.27°E / 24.43; 74.27
Country  India
State Rajasthan
District Udaipur
Elevation 469 m (1,539 ft)
Population (2001)
 • Total 12,616
 • Official Hindi
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)

Kanore is a Town and a municipality in Udaipur district in the Indian state of Rajasthan.


Kanore is located at 24°26′N 74°16′E / 24.43°N 74.27°E / 24.43; 74.27.[1] It has an average elevation of 469 metres (1538 feet). it was a thikana before the freedom.


As of 2001 India census,[2] Kanor had a population of 12,616. Males constitute 54% of the population and females 46%. Kanor has an average literacy rate of 67%, higher than the national average of 59.5%: male literacy is 78%, and female literacy is 54%. In Kanor, 12% of the population is under 6 years of age.

About Kanore[edit]

Kanore is describes in following words:- "Pan Parvliya Nipje, Chaku ve Bajod, Kamal Khile, Khokha Vane, Ya Sursari Kanore"


The two myths are to be told about nomenclature of "Kanore" town. First myth is :- There was a lady monk "Kani Meeni", who was fasting (tapsaya) in old times. She got divine powers after her tapsaya. On the name of this holy lady, the town named "Kanore" Second myth is :- In this town a large number of followers of Kanha (Krishna) lived. After the name of Kanha, this town named Kanore.

Educational Activity[edit]

Kanore town is falling is southern region of Rajasthan at border of tribal caste majority area. Therefore this area was lesser educated area in past. But with inspiration of Acharya Shri Jawaharcharya, Mewad malviya Pt Udai Jain esatblish here "Jawahar Vidhyapeeth" for Education evolution in south Rajasthan. This Jawahar Vidhypeeth, with speed growth become educational center for southern Rajasthan. Therefore Kanore is also known as "Shikhsa Nagari". In this small town education from Balmandir to B. Ed. is available since a long time.

Jawahar Vidhyapeeth School and College give lot of IAS, RAS, CAs, Scientists, Doctors, Engineers, Artist and many more. All are serving humanity in India or aboard India also. Today in Kanore three education institute giving their services with good hostel facility, Every year students from Kanore are coming in top merit list of state board. few famous names amongs are as below mentioned.

Celebrities from Kanore[edit]

Freedom Fighter:- Pt Udai Jain, Amba Lal Nandawat

Authors: Pt. Udai Jain, Sh Narendra Bhanawat, Sh Mahendra Bhanawat, Sh Vipin Chand Jaroli, Sh Bhairav Singh Rao, Sh Man Mal Kudal, Johri Sb., Sh. Abhishek Bhanawat

IAS/IPS/IRS:- Sh Bhupendar Kumar Dak, Sh Sunil Bhanawat

Scientist:- Sh Gautam Jaroli, Sh Rahul Godawat

Chief Officer : Sh. Abhishek Bhanawat

Journlist:- Sh Madan Modi, Sh Tuktak Bhanawat, Sh Bharat Jaroli

Builders:- Sh Rishabh Bhanawat (Archi Group)

Practing CAs: Sh. Dilip Singh Babel, Sh. Suresh Kuamr Dhing, Sh Lalit Dhing

Senior CAs in Jobs: Sh. Rajendra Dungerwal, Sh Dinesh Singh Babel, Sh M K Nagori, Sh Avanti Kumar Kanthaliya, Sh Deepak Kanthalia, Sh Anil Ranka, Sh Pankaj Nandawat, Sh Sanjay Bhanawat, Sh Sanjay Ranka, Sh Pankaj Ranka,

Junior CAs in Jobs: 1999 Batch (12th): Sh Prafull Dhing,2001 Batch (12th): Sh Bharat Singh Sarangdevot, Sh Deepak Suthar, 2002 Batch (12th): Sh Sandeep Dhing, Sh Abhishek Udawat, Sh Anik Dhing, 2003 Batch (12th): Sh Sh Manoj Vyas and Sh Hitesh Kudal, Miss Apeksha Nandawat, Sh Adab Babel, Miss Himadri Dhing, 2008 Batch (12th): Sh Navdeep Kothari

AICWA:- Sh Sher Singh Babel, Sh Vidhya Vinod Nandawat, Sh Sunil Kumar Vaya, Apeksha Nalwaya

Doctors: Dr DS Pokharna, Dr. CS Pokharna, Dr. Rajendra Nalwaya (1975 batch), Sh Bharat Raj Alwat, Sh Kamlesh Babel, Sh Suresh Chandra, Dr. Rupesh Pokharna,2004 Batch (12th): Sh Kamlendra Singh Rawat, Sh Jay Prakash, Sh Aakash

Ayurvedic Educationist & Doctor : Dr Rajya Varddhan Singh Roy, Ex-Principal, MMM Govt Ayurvedic College, Udaipur; Ex-Dean of Faculty, Rajasthan Ayurved University, Jodhpur. Architect:- Sh Manish Alawat

IITian:- Ashish Vaya

Senior Engineers:- Sh Ratan Lal Dhing, Sh Narotam Sharma, Sh Rishabh Bhanawat, Sh Ravindra Dungerwal, Sh Shailendra Dungerwal

Young Engineers:- Sh Kadam Goswami, Sh Manish Kothari, Sh Mukesh Kothari, Sh Dileep Pokharna, Sh Manish Dak Sh Satish Dak, Sh Manish Mehta, Sh Anil Kamriya, Sh Manish Suthar,2001 Batch: Sh Gaurav Godawat, Sh Kishan Lal Gujar, Sh Kalpit Babel,2002 Batch: Sh Abdul Qadir Bohra, Ms Soniya Pokharna, Abhishek Dungerwal, 2003 Batch: Sh Yogendra Singh Sarangdevot, 2004 Batch (12th): Sh Anurag Dak, Sh Vinod Jaroli, Sh Manish Gandhi, 2005 Batch: Sh Arpit jaroli, Sh Hitesh Jain,Sh Manoj Lasod, Abhishek Nalwaya, Sh Poorna Kam Sharma,Miss Sweety Jain (Gold Medalist),Sh Kalpit Ranka, Sh Ankit Ranka, Sh Ashutosh Dungerwal, Sh Arpit Mehta etc.

Lawyers:- Lt Sh Sunder Lal Nalwaya, Lt Sh Kainhya Lal Alawat, Sh Khyali Lal Babel, Sh Bhagwati Lal Jain, Sh Anup Lal Jain, Sh Rishabh Jain, Sh Sajjan Singh Nalwaya, Sh Ratan Lal lasod, Sh Girish Dangi, Sh Ashish Nalwaya, etc.

Tax Consultants:- Sh Lokesh Babel, Sh Rahul Udawat, Sh Hukamraj Dungerwal Computer netwoking Engineer - Sh. Kalpit Ranka. Computer Engineer - SH Imran Husain Bhati,2007 Banch. MBA:- Sh Pradeep Lohar, Sh Lokesh Lohar, Sh Ambuj Goswami, Sh Mukesh Nalwaya, Sh Vikram Jaroli, Sh Nitin Kudal, Sh Rakesh Dak, Sh Snajay vaya, Sh Manoj Dhing, Sh Ankit Bhanawat, Sh Ankit Dungerwal, Sh Manish Dhing, Sh Nimit Kudal, Sh Manish Nalwaya, Sh Jaydeep Mehta, Sh Sandeep Jain, Sh Pankaj Jain,Sh Naveen Dungerwal, Sh Yashwant Sahlot, Sh Abhishek Murdiya, Sh Alok Sahlot, Sh Sandeep Laxkar, etc.

Religious Culture[edit]

In Jain history Kanore also have a good name. Jainachary Ganeshacharya & Naneshacharya spent varshavas (Chomasa) here. Rajpura (Old name as Rajgarh) situated a far 3 km from Kanore is well known in Mewar region for its Chamatkari Adeshwar Ji temple. this temple is devoted to First Tirthankar Sh Rishabhdev. In Jain history Kanore is called as "Kanakpuri"

Kanore have highest jain family in area after Udaipur. Good thing in kanore all community staying with love and peace. All festival celebrated by all community and participate also. In month of May at side of Kamal wala tabab celebrate Ravan Mela which is the biggest festival in kanore.

Visiting Places[edit]

Kanore palace
Kanore palace is situated in the middle of Kanore. Maharana Sangramsingh II of Mewar, granted Kanore Thikana to Maharawat Sarangdev II in 1711 A.D. Kanore place is the royal residence of Maharawat Sarangdev and his family. The palace is built beautifully in the art and design of Rajputana (former name of rajasthan).

Keleshwar Mahadev

Keleshwar Mahdev is a picnic spot near Kanore towards Dhariyawad. At this place Old Temple of Shiv situated. Later on a Temple of Kesariya Ji (First Tirthnakar Rishabhdev of Jains and Kaliya Bavji of adivasi samuday) is also built. This Temple is very well worshiped by Adivsai samudya. Here Gomti river is also flow in rainy season.

Bhabhuka Mahadev

Bhabhka Mahadev is also a picnic spot near kanore. There is a peaceful old Temple of Lord shiv between the natural environment. This place gives us peace. In the rainy season peoples from kanore and surroundings are come here and enjoys of picnics.

Kundia ka Dam
Kundia Ka Dam is a dam near Kanore. This dam is major source of drinking water for kanore town. Overflow of this dam converts in a waterfall. In the rainy season this place becomes more beautiful.

Kamal Wala Talab
Kamal wala Talab (Pond) is a pond near kanore. In old times this is Known for its Kamal flower. Beautiful Kamal flowers rises in surface of pond. But now due to water shortage this not happen. This pond was a major source for bathing and cloth washing in old times. Nowadays persons who liking swimming and pond bathing, goes there for enjoying.


Kanore is well connected with rest of District. Kanore is major station on Udaipur- Dhariywad or Udaipur- Neemuch route. It has direct bus for Udaipur, Neemuch, Pratapgarh, Indore, Ahemdabad, Surat & Mumbai.

There is one small train also plying from Mavli to Badisadri via kanore. In future if this line extends towards Neemuch then it will be more useful to localities.


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