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Kanpetlet is located in Burma
Location in Burma
Coordinates: 21°12′0″N 94°1′0″E / 21.20000°N 94.01667°E / 21.20000; 94.01667Coordinates: 21°12′0″N 94°1′0″E / 21.20000°N 94.01667°E / 21.20000; 94.01667
Country  Burma
Division Chin State
District Mindat District
Township Kanpetlet Township
Population (2005)
 • Religions Buddhism
Time zone MST (UTC+6.30)

Kanpetlet (Burmese: ကန်ပက်လက်မြို့) is a town in the Chin State of West Myanmar. it is the home of Kanpetlet Township administration body.

Kan Pet Let[edit]

Kan Pet Let is the home town of southern Chin tribes of Dai,Yinduu Daa, Upu(Chinpon), and Ng'Ya clans.In fact Yindu and so called Ng'ya people are the same tribe according to traditional a clan descendent and the same clan. It can be found especially in ancient Burmese official literature. It's the famous town of the Chin state for its own beautiful scenery of Myanmar. Around its own border there are Saw, Mindat, Paletwa, Setottayar and Minpyar township.