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Attorney General of
the State of Kansas
KS Attorney General seal.png
Derek Schmidt

since January 10, 2011
Formation June 30, 1854
Website www.ksag.org

The Attorney General of Kansas is a statewide elected official responsible for providing legal services to the state government of Kansas.


  • Criminal Justice
  • Civil Litigation
  • Consumer Protection
  • Concealed Carry
  • Kansas Bureau of Investigation
  • Legal Opinions and Government Counsel
  • Kansas Solicitor General Unit
  • Medicaid Fraud Unit

Office holders[edit]

Kansas Territory Attorneys General[edit]

Name Term Party
Andrew Jackson Isacks 1854-1857
William Weer 1857-1858
Alson C. Davis 1858-1861

State Attorneys General[edit]

Seal of Kansas.svg
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Name Term Party
Benjamin Franklin Simpson 1861 Republican
Charles Chadwick 1861 Republican
Samuel Adams Stinson 1861-1863 Democratic
Warren William Guthrie 1863-1865 Republican
Jerome D. Brumbaugh 1865-1867 Republican
George H. Hoyt 1867-1869 Republican
Addison Danford 1869-1871 Republican
Archibald L. Williams 1871-1875 Republican
Asa Maxson Fitz Randolph 1875-1877 Republican
Willard Davis 1877-1881 Republican
William Agnew Johnston 1881-1884 Republican
George Price Smith 1884-1885 Democratic
Simeon Briggs Bradford 1885-1889 Republican
Lyman Beecher Kellogg 1889-1891 Republican
John Nutt Ives 1891-1893 Democratic
John Thomas Little 1893-1895 Populist
Fernando Brenton Dawes 1895-1897 Republican
Louis C. Boyle 1897-1899 Populist
Aretas Allen Godard 1899-1903 Republican
Chiles Crittendon Coleman 1903-1907 Republican
Fred Schuyler Jackson 1907-1911 Republican
John Shaw Dawson 1911-1915 Republican
Sardius Mason Brewster 1915-1919 Republican
Richard Joseph Hopkins 1919-1923 Republican
Charles Benjamin Griffith 1923-1927 Republican
William A. Smith 1927-1930 Republican
Roland Boynton 1930-1935 Republican
Clarence Victor Beck 1935-1939 Republican
Jay S. Parker 1939-1943 Republican
Alexander Baldwin Mitchell 1943-1947 Republican
Edward F. Arn 1947-1949 Republican
Harold Ralph Fatzer 1949-1956 Republican
John Anderson, Jr. 1956-1961 Republican
William M. Ferguson 1961-1965 Republican
Robert C. Londerholm 1965-1969 Republican
Kent Frizzell 1969-1971 Republican
Vern Miller 1971-1975 Democratic
Curt T. Schneider 1975-1979 Democratic
Robert T. Stephan 1979-1995 Republican
Carla J. Stovall 1995-2003 Republican
Phill Kline 2003-2007 Republican
Paul J. Morrison 2007-2008 Democratic
Stephen Six 2008-2011 Democratic
Derek Schmidt 2011-Present Republican


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