Kansas Department of Corrections

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Kansas Department of Corrections
Seal of Kansas.svg
Great Seal of the State of Kansas
Agency overview
Headquarters 900 SW Jackson
Topeka, Kansas
Agency executive Ray Roberts, Secretary of Corrections
Website www.doc.ks.gov

The Kansas Department of Corrections is an agency of Kansas that operates state prisons. It is headquartered on the fourth floor of the Landon State Office Building in Topeka.[1]

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As of January 1, 2014, the Kansas Department of Corrections currently operates 10 facilities.[2]

Prisoner Review Board[edit]

Under the indeterminate release structure, the Prisoner Review Board determines when an incarcerated inmate will be released. Furthermore, the Board establishes supervision conditions of parole and conditional release, discharges successful parole and conditional releasees from supervision per the recommendation of the Parole Officer and revokes the release of those who have violated the conditions of their supervision.[3]

On July 1, 1993, the legislature enacted the sentencing guidelines system. In this process, the Prisoner Review Board has the added responsibility of establishing conditions of supervision for inmates released on post-release supervision. The Board is also responsible for revoking those individuals who have violated their conditions of release. Under both systems, the Prisoner Review Board has the responsibility to review executive clemency applications and make recommendations to the Governor regarding the clemency.[3]

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