Kanten Clay Studio

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Kanten Clay Studio
Type Modelling clay
Company BorneLund Ltd
Country Japan
Availability 2010–present

Kanten Clay Studio is a brand of safe modelling compound or clay for children, composed of agar (Japanese isinglass), natural food coloring and brine. Distributed by BorneLund (ボーネルンド) Ltd., a Japan-based company that imports and sells educational toys,[1] it is made in Japan with a patented formula, and emphasizes its all-natural ingredients. Its name is derived from its major component, kanten (commonly known as agar or agar-agar), a gelatinous substance derived from seaweed, popular in Japanese culinary.[2]

Kanten Clay is available in seven different colors: white, red, yellow, blue, green, orange and pink. A four-color set of white, red, blue and yellow is also available in the market.


In early 2010, Kanten Clay Studio was launched in Japan by BorneLund Ltd. Kanten Clay Studio quickly caught the attention of the international market. It expanded for retail in Singapore in August 2010.[citation needed]


Kanten Clay does not have an odor, does not stick to other surfaces such as tables and plates, and does not leave oily stains. This makes the clay easy to mold and clean up after playtime, since it does not leave any residue on surfaces. Moreover, unlike flour-based clays, Kanten Clay stays malleable and soft for a long time; it does not get dry and hard easily.


Kanten Clay adheres to the European standard EN-71 that specifies safety requirements for toys.[3][not in citation given] It is composed of natural ingredients, including agar, natural food coloring, and brine; no artificial preservatives are used like other modelling clays in the market. Also, Kanten Clay is not perfumed, which is an additional safety measure, leaving it odorless or with a slight natural aroma. Kanten Clay comes in different bright colors, which may entice small children to place the product in their mouths. However, because of its edible ingredients, the clay is safe for small children to play with, even if they may have accidentally consumed the product. Kanten Clay is also safe for children who have sensitive skin and who may have reactions to artificial ingredients.[4][unreliable source?] Kanten Clay is also safe for children with some types of allergies that prevent them from interacting with some modelling compounds, including wheat allergy.[1]

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