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Kantipur FM (Radion Rastra ko रेडियो राष्ट्र को) is a Nepalese FM radio station established in October 1998 as a first private fm station in Nepal and is currently operating in the east, central and mid western development regions. But, it is most popular in eastern region of Nepal and it is most listened station in Kathmandu, capital city of Nepal. It provides its service with news and entertainment programs. It is a 24-hour airing station. Chairperson/MD: Kailash Sirohiya Directors: Swastika Sirohiya, Rameshwor Thapa Station Manager: Prabhat Rimal business development executive  : Subekchya KC From 2007 on it started a nationwide transmission with two frequencies. 96.1Mhz for the east and central regions and 101.8 for the west. It can also be listened online through http://radiokantipur.com & http://www.livefms.net/2011/06/kantipur-fm.html


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