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Kantipur Television
Launched July 2003
Owned by Kantipur Television Network
Country Nepal
Broadcast area Nepal and abroad
Headquarters Subidhanagar, Kathmandu,Nepal
Website www.kantipurtv.com

Kantipur Television, popularly known as KTV, is a private television station based in Kathmandu, Nepal. Launched in July 2003, KTV is licensed for terrestrial and satellite transmission, and owned by Kantipur Publications. This publication house has a number of other notable publications such as The Kathmandu Post, and Kantipur (daily).

Kantipur Publication's head office is located in Tinkune where two effigies stand.

List of programmes[edit]

Program Genre
Taal Entertainment
Call Kantipur Entertainment
Song - Videos Music
Double Trouble Entertainment
Harke Haldar Entertainment
Sajha Sawal Current affairs
Kantipur Aja Current affairs
Fireside Current affairs
Sarokar News and poilitics
Scoreboard Sports
Rajatpat Entertainment
Kilo Tango Mike Soap opera
Life Is Beautiful Entertainment
Music Mela Entertainment
Ghum Gham Entertainment
Frame by Frame Entertainment
Countdown Kantipur Entertainment
Disha Nirdesh Current affairs
Rise and Shine Unknown
News [in English] News
News [in Nepali] News

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