Kaoham Shuttle

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Kaoham Shuttle
Locale British Columbia
Track gauge 4 ft 8 12 in (1,435 mm) standard gauge
Lillooet Railway Station.(alt.N/A)
South Shalalth Train Station(alt. N/A)
Seton Portage(alt. N/A)
D'Arcy(alt. N/A)

The Kaoham Shuttle[1] is a diesel multiple unit (DMU) passenger service on CN's Squamish Subdivision near Lillooet, British Columbia. The train was started by BC Rail after the end of its passenger service in 2002 between North Vancouver and Prince George via Squamish, Lillooet, Williams Lake, and Quesnel. The train runs daily between Lillooet Railway Station and Seton Portage with surge demand to D'Arcy.[2] After BC Rail was sold to CN the Kaoham Shuttle kept BC Rail logos but was recently[when?] painted in CN colours. Currently this is the only train that operates between Lilooet and D'Arcy. The Rocky Mountaineer does pass the area but does not stop till Quesnel. According to a report in the BBC, the Kaoham Shuttle was "Canada's greatest hidden rail trip" which sometimes weaves along a mountain ledge, sometimes along a glittering lake, with spectacular views of scenery and wildlife, and in 2014 only costs $10 Canadian dollars for a two-hour return trip.[3]


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