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Kaoss Pad
Korg Kaoss Pad KP3
Korg Kaoss Pad KP3
Manufactured by Korg
Dates 1999 -
Price ~$400
Technical specifications
Aftertouch no
Velocity sensitive no
Memory 2 memory banks
Effects 128
Keyboard none - XY-pad
External control none

The Kaoss Pad is a touchpad MIDI controller, sampler, and effects processor for audio and musical instruments, made by Korg.

The Kaoss Pad's touchpad can be used to control its internal effects engine, which can be applied to a line-in signal or to samples recorded from the line-in. Effects types include pitch shifting, distortion, filtering, wah-wah, tremolo, flanging, delay, reverberation, auto-panning, gating, phasing, and ring modulation.

The Kaoss Pad can also be used as a MIDI controller, with the x- and y-axis positions of a finger on its pad being output via a MIDI out connection as two continuous controller streams. The sum of the x and y positions can also be outputted as a third continuous controller stream.

The original model, released in 1999, is the KP1 Kaoss Pad. Korg has since released updated versions of the Kaoss Pad: the KP2, with a number of new features; the KPE1 Kaoss Pad Entrancer, a Kaoss pad that can process both sound and video; and the KP3, which began shipping in October 2006.

In the spring of 2007, Korg released a newer version of the Kaoss Pad, entitled the mini-KP. This new Kaoss Pad was based on the KP3, using many of the same essential elements. As the name suggests, the mini-KP is a smaller size version of its big brother, the KP3. The mini-KP offers 100 effects/programs and two memory banks. It may be powered by 4 AA batteries so that users can fully utilize the portability of the mini-KP. However, the mini-KP does not have MIDI output, and its touchpad does not have a display.

Korg unveiled a new Kaoss Pad, the Kaoss Pad Quad, during Winter NAMM 2011. It is able to process four effects at once, though it does not have MIDI output.


  • Matt Bellamy of Muse has XY Pads similar to the ones in Kaoss Pads built into some of his guitars which he uses as midi controllers to control a KP2 while playing guitar (similar to that of http://kaosspad.blogspot.com).
  • Nigel Ward- (Psychedelic Warlords, Nik Turner, Captain Starfighter & the Lockheeds)Live use.
  • Brian Eno used a chain of three Kaoss pads on his 2005 album, Another Day on Earth.
  • Carl Bell, formerly of Fuel, used the original Kaoss Pad in his live guitar rig from the 2000 "Something Like Human" tour until his departure from the band.
  • Mount Kimbie use Kaoss pads during live performances, notably Dominic Maker.
  • Jonny Greenwood of Radiohead uses a Kaoss Pad on live performances of "Everything In Its Right Place". He samples Thom Yorke's vocals and makes loops which he distorts and manipulates.
  • Beardyman used to use the Kaoss Pad extensively; his live performances consist of nothing but his voice, sampled and modified in different ways. He was using up to five Kaoss Pads, but recently converted to a set of iPads with advanced music software.
  • John Linnell of They Might Be Giants uses both a KP2 and KP3 in live performances and in a psychedelic improvisation feature he refers to as "The Future of Sound."
  • Brian Molko of Placebo used a KP2 during live performances of "English Summer Rain".
  • Roughton "Rou" Reynolds of Enter Shikari uses both KP2 and KP3 in most songs.
  • Jamie Woon uses a Kaoss Pad during live performances.
  • Vadim Pruzhanov of Power Metal band DragonForce uses a Kaoss Pad during live performances.
  • Nels Cline of Wilco uses a Kaoss Pad during live performances.
  • Gibby Haynes of Butthole Surfers uses a KP3 during live performances.
  • Antye Greie uses a Kaoss Pad for most of her live sets.
  • Sarah Barthel and Josh Carter of Phantogram use a Kaoss Pad each, during live performances.
  • Brian Weitz of Animal Collective uses a Kaoss Pad during live performances.
  • Jochen Arbeit of Einstürzende Neubauten uses a Kaoss Pad during live performances.
  • Russel Lissack of Bloc Party uses a KP3 during live performances (Letter to My Son).
  • Dday One uses a mini-KP during live performances.
  • Drew Shirley of Switchfoot uses a Kaoss Pad during live performance.
  • Hifana, the Japanese Breakbeat Unit uses Kaoss pads 2 and 3 in their live performances and on studio albums.
  • Lights (musician) uses a Korg miniKP KAOSS Pad during live performance.
  • Jon Hopkins uses a chain of up to five KP3 pads during live performances.
  • Yuswa Ansari aka wawa of Oh Chentaku uses microkorg and Kaoss Pad 3 on 2014 Oh Chentaku album titled "YoungHearts" and during his live Performances.
  • Mohd.Alhafiz Basri@Aefeez of Papriqa also uses KP3+ during live and recording performances which was connected to Microkorg XL Plus.
  • Tristan Arostegui utilizes a mini-KP strapped onto his guitar. The guitar sound goes through a distortion pedal before going through the mini-KP, thus allowing for the manipulation of a distorted guitar sound.

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  • Kaossilator, a Korg synthesizer with a Kaoss pad interface


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