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Old mill building and the rapids.
Kapeenkoski lock in Keitele Canal.

Kapeenkoski (meaning: Narrow rapids) is a popular fishing rapids in Central Finland with inspiring nature ridge resort.[1] The rapid fishing ground Kapee consists of two rapids and the races between them. The upper one of the rapids is called Luijankoski and the lower one is called Kapeenkoski.[2] There is also a lock of the Keitele Canal in the area. In the rapids you can also take part in other kind in water sports, like white water kayaking.

Kapeenkoski area is located on the waterway Keitele Canal from lake Kuhnamo into lake Vatianjärvi just in the border of municipalities Äänekoski and Laukaa. The mean discharge on the rapid is 83 3/s. Total height difference is 3 meters. Lake trout is the most wanted catch in the rapid. The fish population is taken care of with frequent plantings. A lot of anadromous fish have been caught too. The grayling population is growing because a lot of grayling have been planted into the rapids. There are also natural fish like ide, pike, and powan in the rapids.[2]


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