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Kaplan International Colleges
For-profit corporation
Industry Education
Founded 1967
Parent The Washington Post Company
Website kaplaninternational.com kic.org.uk

Kaplan International Colleges (KIC) is a division of the education company Kaplan Inc., headquartered in London and founded in 1967. KIC provides English language courses, university and exam preparation and academic foundation courses in 42 locations worldwide. Courses are taught in city center schools, on university campuses and online. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Washington Post Company.


In 2007, Kaplan Inc. acquired Aspect Education, a U.K. company founded in 1967.[citation needed] Aspect provided English exam preparation and academic foundation courses. Aspect was combined with Kaplan's existing English language education division, and Kaplan Aspect was launched in September 2007.

In 2010, Kaplan Aspect and Kaplan International Colleges, the branch of Kaplan specializing in preparing international students for entry to British universities, were combined under the name Kaplan International Colleges.

In 2012, Kaplan International Colleges wholly acquired two international student recruitment agencies; BEO Limited in Japan, and Hands On Education Consultants in Thailand. Kaplan CEO, David Jones, has now been named as now responsible for all transnational programmes (students travelling to study) as well as Asia Pacific following the departure of Mark Coggins, formerly CEO of Kaplan Asia Pacific.[1]


Kaplan International Colleges owns and operates 42 English as a foreign language and EAP schools in 8 countries. They are located in the following destinations:

English Courses[edit]

Kaplan International Colleges offers a wide range of English as a foreign language courses varying in duration and intensity. KIC also offers English exam preparation courses for TOEFL, IELTS, FCE, CPE and CAE. Students can also combine internship or paid work placement with English language classes.

Other Languages[edit]

KIC also offers short, medium and long-term residential foreign language courses in China, Dominican Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Malta, Mexico, Russia and Spain through partner schools.

University Pathways Program[edit]

Kaplan International also has programs for students to enter U.K. university degree courses. Successful completion at the required level guarantees entrance to one of more than 1,000 degree courses at the following partner universities:


Kaplan International Colleges offers homestays, student apartments and on-campus university housing to students.


Kaplan International Colleges has worldwide accreditation for teaching English.

  • Australia: NEAS[2]
  • Canada: CAPLS[3]
  • Ireland: ACELS[4]
  • New Zealand: NZQA[5]
  • UK: British Council[6] BAC accreditation for foundation, pre-masters and diploma programs
  • USA: ACCET[7]


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