Kappa Theta Pi

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Kappa Theta Pi
Founded January 10, 2012; 2 years ago (2012-01-10)
University of Michigan
Type Professional (technology)
Scope National
United States
Maxim "The love for technology"
pin Toy Ninja
Colors      Blue
Mascot "QWERTY" computer keyboard
Chartered Ann Arbor
Chapters 1
Members 54 collegiate
82 lifetime
Headquarters Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States
Homepage kappathetapi.com

Kappa Theta Pi (ΚΘΠ, also known as KTP) is a co-ed professional fraternity specializing in the field of information technology. Kappa Theta Pi was founded on January 10, 2012 in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and is the University of Michigan's first and only startup technology fraternity. The goals of the fraternity are to create bonds between students of Informatics, computer science, business, design, and any others who are interested in technology, to develop networks through facilitation of professional and social growth, and to expose members to career options in the technology field.



In December 2011, two students, Louise Vongphrachanh and Jing Guo, founded a professional fraternity aimed towards informatics students. As many of these students were often in multiple classes together, a fraternity was organized to foster both professional and social relationships. After gaining support and conducting interviews, a group of seven Informatics students became the founding class and first executive board. These seven individuals are:

  • Nisha Dwivedi
  • Jacqueline Fontaine
  • Jing Guo
  • Brian Mansfield
  • Denny Tsai
  • Julie Varghese
  • Louise Vongphrachanh

Vongphrachanh and Guo signed the charter and became co-presidents of the fraternity. Later, the fraternity's focus was broadened to include all students interested in information technology. Although the fraternity is aimed towards information technology, Kappa Theta Pi has made continuous efforts to connect with students regardless of their technical and academic backgrounds.


The Colors of this professional fraternity are blue (#458FFF) and green (#19FF19). The hexidecimal color values represent the technical roots of the fraternity.


According to Kappa Theta Pi's constitution, the purpose of the fraternity can be detailed in six statements: Kappa Theta Pi works to build an active community of students with a shared interest in technology; it sponsors events and activities aimed toward intellectual, social, and professional development; it provides academic and professional resources to members; it fosters relationships among the local community, and with corporations; it provides service and philanthropy to the local community; and it works to maintain lifelong cooperation and friendship among its members.[1]


Currently, Kappa Theta Pi co-hosts the Computer Science Bootcamp & Tutoring Program at Pioneer High School with Michigan CSE Scholars. Fraternity members volunteer their time in order to tutor high school computer science students. The primary goal of the Computer Science Bootcamp program is to successfully get all students in the class to pass the AP Computer Science exam. Furthermore, the Computer Science & Tutoring Program aims to raise diversity and appreciation for the field of computer science. Members are required to complete 10 hours of service a semester, many of which are completed with Computer Science Bootcamp. Members are also required to participate in multiple professional development events each semester; ranging from resume critiques, company presentations, and mock interviews.


There is currently one Kappa Theta Pi chapter, which is the founding chapter at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.

Rush and Pledging[edit]

Kappa Theta Pi's process for membership follows standard Greek rush and pledge guidelines. The fraternity's rush process occurs in both Fall and Winter semesters.[1]


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