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Kapsalon (food)
Kapsalon Amstelveen.jpg
Type Fast food
Place of origin Netherlands
Creator Nathaniël Gomes
Main ingredients French fries, meat (döner or shawarma), Gouda cheese
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Kapsalon is a Dutch food item consisting of fries, topped with döner or shawarma meat, grilled with a layer of Gouda cheese until melted and then subsequently covered with a layer of dressed salad greens. The dish is often served with garlic sauce and hot sauce (which is also called sambal). Kapsalon is quite high in calories, with each serving containing approximately 1800 kcal.[1] The term kapsalon literally means "hairdressing salon" in Dutch, alluding to one of the inventors of the dish.[2]

The dish was conceived in 2003 by Nathaniël Gomes, a Cape Verdian hairdresser in Rotterdam who in collaboration with the neighboring shawarma store "El Aviva" combined all his favorite ingredients into one dish.[3] The dish has since spread around the Netherlands into Belgium[4] and is commonly found in restaurants serving shawarmas.

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