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The Kara Film Festival - Karachi International Film Festival [1] is an internationally recognized film festival of Pakistan annually held in Karachi.

It is organized under the aegis of the Kara Film Society, a grouping of filmmakers from Karachi. The Kara Film Society is a not-for-profit, non-political and non-governmental body, headed by Hasan Zaidi. The society organizes the annual Kara Film Festival, screenings, talks and workshops.

KaraFilm Festival was first held, in 2001, since then it has been held regularly in December in Karachi. The success of the Festival within a short span of time has caught the attention of world film makers and renowned film critics and now it is ranked amongst some of the most prestigious film festivals of the region.

Kara Film Festival disbanded several years ago due to the social economical problems Karachi and Pakistan were constantly facing. Cineaste One a similar institution which substituted KaraFilm by organizing COSFF and workshops with a greater focus on education, and substituting indie films with student films.[2] Cineaste One while succeeding KaraFilm festival does not employ anyone involved with it.

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