Karachi to Melbourne Tram

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The Karachi Tram by night
Inside the tram

The Melbourne to Karachi tram or the W-11 tram was a Z class tram decorated by a team of professional Pakistani vehicle decorators, commissioned by the City of Melbourne for the 2006 Commonwealth Games.

Origin of the name[edit]

The name is based on the W-11 buses originally found in Karachi, Pakistan, which are a model of minibus famous for their entertainment value: decorated with lush designs and playing popular Pakistani or Indian music. Competition between buses has made these buses famous for their extravagant designs and entertainment.

The tram[edit]

As a showcase of Pakistani culture, the tram was commissioned for the Commonwealth Games, and a team of W-11 decorators were invited to decorate the tram, which toured around the city for the duration of the games, playing Bhangra and Pakistani music.

It is currently stored in Preston Workshops; its future is unknown.

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