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Karaim may refer to:

  • Crimean Karaites, also known as Karaim and Qarays, are ethnic group derived from Turkic-speaking adherents of Karaism in Eastern Europe (former Russian Empire). "Qaray" is a Romanized spelling of the original name "къарай", while "Karaim" is a Russian, Ukrainian, Lithuanian, and Polish name for the community
  • Karaim language, (Crimean dialect: къарай тили, Trakai dialect: karaj tili, Turkish dialect: karay dili, traditional Karaim name lashon kedar (Hebrew: לשון קדר - «language of the nomads») is a Turkic language with Hebrew influences, in a similar manner to Yiddish or Ladino
  • Karaite Judaism, a Jewish religious movement that rejects the Talmud, and which originated in the 7th-9th Centuries and continues today


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