Karak District

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Karak District
Location of Karak District (highlighted in orange) within the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa map
Location of Karak District (highlighted in orange) within the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa map
Country Pakistan
Established Karak was granted district status in July 1982
Headquarters Karak
 • District Nazim Gul Sawali (Pacha)
 • District Naib Nazim Sultan Rehman (Naatty)
 • Total 3,372 km2 (1,302 sq mi)
Population (2011)
 • Total 734,765
 • Density 128/km2 (330/sq mi)
Time zone PST (UTC+5)
Number of Tehsils 3

Karak (Pashto: کرك, Urdu: کرک‎) is a district of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. It is situated to the south of Kohat District and on the north side of Bannu and Lakki Marwat districts on the main Indus Highway between Peshawar and Karachi - it is 123 km from the provincial capital Peshawar. Karak is said to be the single district in Pakistan which is inhabited by only one tribe of Pashtuns — the Khattak.


Languages of Kyber Pakhtunkha.jpg

urdu is main language spoken in khattak land. pashto being National language is also spoken and understood.


Until 1956, this whole area was under pindi division. It had tappas (satrapies): Teri, Seni, Khurram and Barak. In 1982, Karak District was carved out of Kohat Tehsil.

The district is populated by Khattak tribe.


Karak has one of the largest uranium mines in Pakistan under supervision of Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission. Gas has been recently discovered in Shakardara, Gurguri Makori and Nashpa banda areas. MOL (Hungary) & OGDCL companies working in Oil & Gas sector.



Central Processing Facility (CPF), Makori. Already installed & contributing to national economy since years.


Karak Oil Refinery on papers & soon will be built near the village "KARRAPA". Utility water is being planned to be tapped from "Tanda Dam" Kohat to meet the refinery needs.

Vanco Leaf cement Karak Pvt Limited Canada Based (establishing soon after proposed by Karachi cement association)

Small Dams[edit]

Small dams are built to store the rain water to elevate the underground water level.

  • Changos Dam:

Its located in the north west of Latamber Town.

  • Zebi Dam:

Located North East of Karak city.

  • Lawaghar Dam:

Located in South East of Karak.


Agriculture is the main source of living of people. Agriculture purely based on rains. Wheat, Gram, Earth nuts, Maize & Barley the mainly crops.


  • Government District Headquarters (DHQ) Hospital Karak Township (KDA), Karak.
  • Fauji Foundation Hospital, Karak.
  • Rural Health Center (RHC), Sabir Abad.
  • Rural Health Center (RHC), Zara Gandi
  • Basic Health Unit, AhmedAbad
  • Basic Health Unit, Chokara
  • Basic Health Unit, Takht i Nasrati.
  • Basic Health Unit, Ghunda Shamshaki.


  • Khushal Khan Khattak University (KKK)
  • GHS Centennial Model High School Chokara Karak
  • Sky international public School Chokara Karak
  • Oxford science College Chokara Karak
  • Danish public School Chokara Karak
  • Sky international public School Chokara Karak
  • Chokara Science School Chokara Karak
  • Sun Rise public School Chokara Karak
  • Wisdom Science School and College Chokara For women
  • Govt high school Ghundi Killa Karak
  • Govt high school Takht-e-Nasrati
  • Govt girls high school Takht-e-Nasrati
  • Govt Degree college Takht-e-Nasrati
  • Govt high school Garang Seraj Khel
  • Govt high school Sarki Lawaghar


  • Habib Bank limited, Khuram branch, Karak
  • Habib Bank limited, Nari Panos, Karak(1890)
  • National Bank limited, Main Branch, Karak City, Karak.
  • United Bank Limited, Main Branch, Karak city, Karak.
  • Habib Bank Limited, Main Branch, Karak city, Karak.
  • Muslim Commercial Bank, Main Branch, Karak city, Karak.
  • Khyber Bank Limited, Main Branch, Karak city, Karak.
  • Allied Bank Limited, Main Brach, Karak city, Karak.
  • Bank Alfalah Limited, Main Branch, Karak city, Karak.
  • National Bank limited, Sabir Abad Branch.
  • Habib Bank Limited, AhmedAbad.
  • Habib Bank Limited, Palosa Sar.
  • Habib Bank Limited, Takht I Nasrati.
  • United Bank Limited, Amberi Kalla (Indus Highway Road)
  • United Bank Limited, Niazi Stop (Indus Highway Road)
  • Safdar & Aqal comapny kotay development bank limited


The district of Karak is administratively subdivided into 14 tehsils.

  • Karak

Sabir abad, Palosa sar, Jandri, Mitakhel, Karak1, Karak2, Latamber, Mandawwa, SurDaag & Rehmat Abad Union Council.

  • Takht-e-Nasrati

Seraj Khel union including Damgari Seraj Khel (Mazarri Seraj Khel, Wanki Seraj Khel, Garang Serj Khel, Shadi Khel, Durani Khel, Sarki Lawaghar etc,Villages below with respective Union Councils. Surati Kalla, Saikot, Zara Gandi, Shobley Kalla, Paloski Banda Warana, Ahmed Abad are in Union Council (UC) of Warana Ahmed Abad. CHOKARA Union Council: Chokara, Ghundi Kalla, Amberi Kalla. Bogara, Khada banda, zarki are in UC T Nasrati UC Gudi Khel

  • Nari Panos
  • bogaara
  • rehmatabad
  • Latember
  • swatra
  • sabarabad
  • bahadarkhel
  • chontra
  • hamidan banda
  • ahmedabad
  • kroat
  • Banda daud shah

Teri Union Council, Banda Daud Shah UC, MAKORI UC, Gurguri UC.


The climate is hot during the summers, with temperature touching 40-45, and sand storms are common in Tehsil Takht-e-Nasratti. However, Lakkara regions are the coolest part in summer where people use blankets at night. The best time to visit is between Nov-April with lush green fields of wheat, grams.By the reason of the Khattak nationality is very hard-worker As a highly education ratio with very low crime rate Khattaks of Karak are playing very important role in bureaucracy, Education, health, Army, Corporate organizations etc. in all over Pakistan on very high positions.


The series of high and low mountains of salt range enter into Karak from Punjab. There are large number of salt mines in Jatta Ismail Khel Garh jawal khel and Bahadar Khel areas. There are also large number of mines of Gypsum in Jatta valley and Garh jawal khel. Now due to the gas discovery in Makori and Nashpa huge number of industries are being installed beside the road in Jatta Ismail Khel. Jatta Ismail Khel is now becoming emerging economic solution for Karak.


Karak district is represented in the National assembly NA-15 by one MNA, Nasir khan Khattak represented by PTI.

The district is represented in the provincial assembly by two elected MPAs who represent the following constituencies:[1]

Constituency MPA Party PK-40 (Karak-1) Gul Sahab Khan Khattak (PTI) PK-41 (Karak-2) Malik Muhammad Qasim Khattak (PTI) Women Reserve Seats Dena Naz Khattak PTI


Diverse wild life across the district with annual hunting season of quails, cranes, black and brown pheasants. It is a well known place for hunting quails (batair) and fowl. There are game reserves used for hunting by the VIPs. One such hunting place is Darab o' Kachch abundant in partridges and quail. Hunting is a popular pastime in the area.


There are a number of Melas (fairs) that take place on a weekly basis, Sabirabad mela on Monday, Latamber Mela on Wednesday, Land kamar mela on Friday and Takht-e-e Nasratti mela on Saturday are the most notable fairs of the district with people attending, buying daily food stuff, cattle, also people from neighbouring Bannu attend these fairs.

The two most popular consist of buying groceries:

  • Nari Panos mela on Thursday
  • Karak city mela on Sunday
  • Metha Khel mela on Tuesday
  • Ahmad Abad mela on Friday
  • Takht-e-Nasrati mela on Saturday
  • Mianki(Machaki) mela on Monday
  • Latamber fair on Wednesday
  • Teri mela on Wednesday


Coordinates: 33°08′N 71°05′E / 33.133°N 71.083°E / 33.133; 71.083