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The WKF Karate World Championships also known as the World Karate Championships; are the highest level of competition for Karate.[1][2][3][4][5] The competition is held in a different Country every two years.[6] The most recent events include Madrid in 2002; Monterrey in 2004; Tampere in 2006; Tokyo in 2008, and Belgrade in 2010.[7][8]


Year Host City Country
1970 Tokyo  Japan
1972 Paris  France
1975 Long Beach  United States
1977 Tokyo  Japan
1980 Madrid  Spain
1982 Taipei  Republic of China (Taiwan)
1984 Maastricht  Netherlands
1986 Sydney  Australia
1988 Cairo  Egypt
1990 Mexico City  Mexico
1992 Granada  Spain
1994 Kota Kinabalu  Malaysia
1996 Sun City  South Africa
1998 Rio de Janeiro  Brazil
2000 Munich  Germany
2002 Madrid  Spain
2004 Monterrey  Mexico
2006 Tampere  Finland
2008 Tokyo  Japan
2010 Belgrade  Serbia
2012 Paris  France
2014 Bremen  Germany
2016 Linz  Austria

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