Karbala Governorate

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Karbala Governorate
محافظة كربلاء
Karbala Province
Location of Karbala Governorate
Coordinates: 32°27′N 43°48′E / 32.450°N 43.800°E / 32.450; 43.800Coordinates: 32°27′N 43°48′E / 32.450°N 43.800°E / 32.450; 43.800
Country  Iraq
Capital Karbala
 • Total 5,034 km2 (1,944 sq mi)
Population (2013 [1])
 • Total 1,200,000

Karbala Governorate (Arabic: كربلاء Karbalāʾ‎) (or Karbala Province) is a governorate in central Iraq. The provincial capital is the city of Karbala, a holy city for Shi'ah Muslims, which houses the shrine of Hussein, a greatly revered figure in Shia Islam.

Provincial Government[edit]