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Kareem Mortimer (born October 17, 1980 in Nassau, Bahamas) is a Bahamian filmmaker that has completed several films: Chance (2005), The Eleutheran Adventure (2006), Float (2007), "I Am Not A Dummy" (2009), Children of God (2010), Wind Jammers (2010) and "Passage" (2013).


Mortimer's themes in both feature and documentary work deal with issues of identity and discrimination. His debut feature, "Children of God" (2010), is the first narrative feature from the Caribbean with GLBT themes. Another project, Wind Jammers (2010), which he co-directed with Richard von Maur, is a children's film that deals with racism. "Children of God" (previously mentioned) was shown on the well-known television channel Showtime as well as distributed in over twenty-four countries around the world. In 2014, Passage was awarded an African Movie Academy Award for Best Short Film from the Diaspora.

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