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Karen Borca (born September 5, 1948, Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA) is an American free jazz bassoonist.

Borca studied music at the University of Wisconsin, graduating in 1971. While there she met Cecil Taylor, who taught there during the 1970/71 academic year; she acted as his teaching assistant and played with him in the Cecil Taylor Unit. She became the teaching assistant of saxophonist Jimmy Lyons in 1974, and later married the longtime Taylor sideman; she played in Lyons's band until he died in 1986.

Following this, she continued performing in the Lower East Side of New York City, with musicians such as William Parker, Marco Eneidi, Joel Futterman, Sonny Simmons, Alan Silva, and Jackson Krall. She led her own band, which has played at Vision Festivals.


With Bill Dixon

With Earth People

With Marco Eneidi

With Joel Futterman

With Jimmy Lyons

With Joe Morris

With Paul Murphy

  • Red Snapper (Cadence Jazz, 1982)

With Alan Silva

With Sonny Simmons

With Cecil Taylor