Karen Smyers

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Karen Smyers
Medal record
Women's Triathlon
Competitor for the  United States
Ironman World Championships
Gold 1995 Individual
Silver 1994 Individual
Silver 1999 Individual
Pan American Games
Gold 1995 Mar del Plata Individual
Gold 1999 Winnipeg Individual
ITU World Championships
Gold 1990 Orlando Individual
Gold 1995 Cancún Individual
Silver 1993 Manchester Individual
ITU World Cup
Gold 1991 Overall
US Pro Nationals
Gold 1990 Individual
Gold 1991 Individual
Gold 1992 Individual
Gold 1993 Individual
Gold 1994 Individual
Gold 1995 Individual

Karen Smyers (born September 1, 1961 in Corry, Pennsylvania) is a triathlete from the United States. She is the 1990 and 1995 ITU Triathlon World Champion as well as the 1995 Ironman World Champion. She was inducted into the Triathlon Hall of Fame in January 2009.[1]


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