Karen Souza

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Karen Souza
Origin Argentina
Genres Jazz
Occupation(s) Vocalist
Years active 2002–present
Labels [1]
Website Karen Souza Official Site

Karen Souza is an Argentine[1][2] jazz singer. She began her career under various pseudonyms.[3] She provided vocal support to a number of electronic music producers and was part of several International House hits on her label, Music Brokers such as versions of Creep, originally produced by Radiohead as well as Do You Really Want to Hurt Me and Personal Jesus, a popular song by Depeche Mode. These works were originally edited on a series called Jazz and 80s. It was during this time that Karen found a love of jazz and began to work towards the composition of her own album. In 2010 she spent several months in Los Angeles writing songs with lyricist Pam Oland[4][5] and recording vocals with acclaimed Disney producer Joel McNeely, who had recently finished work on Seth McFarlane's album Music is Better Than Words. The album, called Hotel Souza, was released in September 2012. In October of that year she played several shows at Tokyo's Blue Note Café and was signed for Japan by JVC Victor. She was also extensively touring Latin America, playing gigs in Venezuela, Brazil,[6] Argentina and Chile as well as Mexico,[7] where she has a very strong fanbase. In 2013 she spent two months touring throughout Mexico.[8] While she was originally known for her jazz renditions of 80s hits, her repertoire at shows now includes a number of her own songs, such as Paris, Break my Heart and the haunting Lie to Me. Karen is represented by the independent label Music Brokers throughout most of the world, though in Spain and Portugal she is represented by Warner. Warner Music Spain.


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