Karateci Kız

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Karateci Kız
Directed by Orhan Aksoy
Starring Filiz Akın
Ediz Hun
Release dates
Language Turkish

Karateci Kız (English: "Karate Girl") is a 1973 Turkish film.[1][2][3] Directed by Orhan Aksoy, the cast includes popular Turkish actress Filiz Akın, and actor Ediz Hun.

In September 2012, the film gained some attention for a viral video on YouTube which features the main character Zeynep (played by Akın) fatally shooting antagonist Ferruh (played by Bülent Kayabaş[4]) several times while letting out unending screams until he falls to his death. The video, entitled "Worst movie death scene ever", gained more than 17 million views since its upload date on 26 September 2012.[4][5][6][7] Though the cited clip was edited from the original to add the unending scream, viewers noted that the screams as well as the slow-motion action of the actor being shot only adds to the humor of the video.[8] In May 15, 2013, WatchMojo.com ranked this death scene at #1 on their list called "Another Top 10 Hilarious Movie Deaths".[9]


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