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This article is about the oldest Gramapanchayat in Odisha, India. For its namesake panchayat, see Kendrapara district. For the Kendrapara meteorite of 2003, see meteorite falls.
Karilopatna is located in Odisha
Location in Odisha, India
Coordinates: 20°27′28″N 86°21′36″E / 20.45778°N 86.36000°E / 20.45778; 86.36000Coordinates: 20°27′28″N 86°21′36″E / 20.45778°N 86.36000°E / 20.45778; 86.36000
Country  India
State Odisha
District Kendrapara
Elevation 13 m (43 ft)
Population (2001)[1]
 • Total 2,697
 • Official Oriya
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)
Telephone code 91-6727
Website kendrapara.nic.in

Karilopatna (Karilo patna, Karilo patana, Oriya: କେନ୍ଦ୍ରାପଡ଼ା) is a city and a municipality near Patkura in Kendrapara district in the Indian state of Odisha.


Karilopatna is located at .[2] It has an average elevation of 13 m (43 ft). It is surrounded by Bhadrak, Jajpur, Cuttack and Jagatsinghpur districts and Bay of Bengal in the east.

The river Karandia (a branch of Luna) and Chitrotpala (a branch of Mahanadi)is flowing out side of Karilopatna Panchayat.


The Baladevjew Temple is located in Kendrapara. A Car Festival or Rath Yatra is held in the month of Ashadha(June/July) every year. The Gajalaxmi puja on Kojaagari Purnima or Kumar Purnima is celebrated in the month of October and Kartikeya Puja in November and Maa Kali Puja at Olaver are held each year. Gajalaxmi puja is a big festival here and is celebrated for 7 days. Maa Kali Puja in Olaver is one of the famous festivals in the region. The Oriya sweet dish, Rasabali, originated from Kendrapara. The car of Lord Baladevjew, also called as 'Bramha Taaladhwaja' is one of the biggest cars of its type in the world. Kendrapara is also known as Tulasi Ksherta (as Tulasi, different from basil tulsi is the wife of Lord Balabhadra) and Gupta Kshetra (Lord Balabhadra wish to stay here secretly). Different types of prasad prepared and used in Baladevjew Temple are Rasabali, Potali Pitha, Magaja Ladoo, Kakaraa, Khaja, Karanji, Chhena Kheeri, Ghanabrata, Dahipakhala, Khiri, Puri etc.

Village Kusupur is one of the well known and very important village in the District Kendrapara - Cuttack (earst while) District. Village Poet Nanda Kishore Bal, Village Educationist and socialist leader Surya Mani Jena, Silpiguru Bimbadhara Verma, Pradyumna Bal, Member of Parliament are the most distinguished personalities who hails from village Kusupur. Village Kusupur is also famous for its Dussera Sabha which organizes the traditional Sword Fighting on the eleventh day (next day of Dussera) for last more than hundred years. On this occasion Kusupur Dussera sabha organises various local cultural functions including the sword fighting wherein the Kshetriyas of village Kusupur and from the nearest gadjat areas participate and were being awarded. Apart from the sword fighting the fire fighting (burnati) are also worth watching. Every year about a lakh of people gathered in Kusupur to witness the Dussera Sabha. Village Kusupur is situated in the bank of river Birupa and next to Balichandrapur on the National Highway No.5A. Bhalukuni Melana is celebrated each and every year in Derabis hata ground. It is one of the biggest melana in the district. Ramjan, Eid, bakhrid, muharram are the festivals of Muslims are observed each year with great pump. Derabish is located 11 km away from district headquarters. Karilopatna located near to Kendrapara is a beautiful place to visit. Potali Matha, located at Balia which is around 5 km towards north of Kendrapara town, organizes a 5-day 'Biswa Santhi yajna' each year in March. People from across India gather there. On the final day of the Yajna, organized by the local trust headed by Kartik chandra Mishra and there is always a big crowd, more than 20,000 to get the prasad (Yajna Ahuti). Lohit baba Mandir, located at Chhata Chhaka (NH-5A), Derabish is around 6 km away from Kendrapara town and 20 km away from chandikhol. Dadhibamana Temple is situated in Derabish. One of the famous "Boita Bandana Utashv" held on November (Kartika masa) in the village kalapada, which is 7 km from Kendrapara town situated in the bank of Luna river (A part of Mahanadi). Near about 20-30 thousand people gather in this festival that will celebrate for 7 days. And the ultimate part is, it is inaugurated by Power Minister Mr. Atanu Saibyasachi. That festival is mainly celebrated for the remembrance of Sadhabs who were gone to Java and Sumitra etc. for business.

Most of the people here are farmers and some do business and some do fishing in the river and the bay of Bengal. growing prawn near sea shore is a profitable business. Many small-scale industries are coming up so people are now getting more opportunity there.


Batighar is the first lighthouse installed in eastern coast of India. It is situated on the other bank of river Kharinasi. The height of this light house is 125 feet. Construction of this lighthouse was started on 6 December 1836 and it was lighted on 16 October 1837.

Kanika Palace is a massive palace constructed by King of Kanika. It was constructed on an area of 4 acres of land and height of the structure is of 75 feet. It is situated in Rajkanika Block.

Aul Palace is situated near Aul township. It is an ancient palace spread over 40 acres of land.

Badakotha is an old building near the Kendrapara Bus stand. Once upon a time, Badakotha in Odisha only indicated to the 2 stair building of Radhashyam Narendra.

Hukitola is a storm proof go-down constructed in the Jamboo island by British according to the wish of Captain Harris. It consists of 11 large size and 9 small size chambers.


Bhitara Kanika is covered with deep mangrove forest and saline rivers. It was declared as Sanctuary from 21-04-1975. It is famous for natural crocodile breeding. Other animals like deer, Wild boar, monkeys, Monitor, Python, King Cobra also found here.

There are so many picnic spots in and around Kendrapara. Paradeep is only 20–30 km drive from Kendrapara. You can see the sea beach, port, Nehru Bangala(first prime minister of India had come here) and also see the entry gate of river to Sea shore. Paradeep is also the last point of east coast of India.


Most popular Udaya Giri & Ratna Giri just 10–15 km drive from Kendrapada. Mainly Budhu Murti, Budhu pratima are conservated there.There also a picnic spot Named Sakhi Bata.It is situated near Luna River.it is a beautiful spot.Lord Baladev and Laxmi Mandir is there.

  • Maa Gojabayani Temple, Baghadia
  • Baraha Jew Temple, Aul
  • Binodbehari Jew, Ganamahal
  • Sakhibata Temple, Bagada
  • DadhiBaman Jew Temple, Choudakulat
  • Sakhibata Temple, Bagada
  • Gobinda Jew Temple, Kendrapara


The Assembly seats under the Kendrapara parliamentary constituency are Kendrapara, Salepur, Mahanga, Mahakalapada, Ali, Patakura and Rajnagar. The major three prominent political parties in the Assembly and Parliamentary constituency of Kendrapara are Bharatiya Janata Party, Biju Janata Dal and Congress Party. Mr. Prasanta Varma, Advocate Supreme Court of India and the President of BJP Legal Cell, Delhi; The Industrialist Mr. Baijayant Panda of the Biju Janata Dal; Former Cricketer and the Manager of Indian Cricket team Mr. Ranjib Biswal of the Congress Party are the current leaders of Kendrapara Parliamentary constituency.

Throughout the area politics have remained with the local parties since the 1970s. Kendrapara has played a crucial role in Odisha's politics, producing leaders like Member of Parliament Mr. Rabi Ray who achieved the post of Speaker in Loksabha, and Mr. Biju Patnaik, former Chief Minister of Odisha. Present day leaders from Kendrapara include individuals such as Supreme Court of India Lawyer, Mr.Sanjib Kumar Mohanty,Advocate and Former Spokesperson of Delhi University Students' Union and Mr.Prasanta Varma, as well as Member of Parliament of Kendrapara (Lok Sabha constituency), Mr. Baijayanta Panda. Current Member of Parliament is Baijayant Panda.Mr Kedarnath Samantray is also a good politician from karilopatna village.He was unable to win any election in his entire life even as ward member but still he is hopping to stand in panchayat election this time. He nominated his wife for Jila parisad candidate for kendrapara dist this year (2012).Let's hope the same result as earlier.. Current MLA from Kendrapara Assembly Constituency is Sipra Mallik, who won the seat in State elections of 2004. Previous MLAs from this seat were Utkal Keshari Parida of OGP, Bed Prakash Agarwalla who won this seat in 2000 representing BJP and also earlier in 1990 representing JD and in 1977 representing JNP, Bhagabat Prasad Mohanty of INC who won in 1995 and in 1985, and Indramani Rout of INC (I) in 1980.

Presently Mr. Pratap Keshari Deb is the MLA of Ali; Mr. Pratap Jena is the MLA of Mahanga; Mr. Atanu Sabyasachi is the MLA of Mahakalapada; Mr. Bed Prakash Agarwala is the MLA of Patkura [3]

Kendrapara is part of Kendrapara (Lok Sabha constituency).[4]


Kendrapara is just about 75 kilometres from the state capital, Bhubaneswar. To reach Kendrapara one can go via Cuttack-Jagatpur-Salipur state high way or on the National Highway No.5 and 5 A, crossing at ChandikholViaChhata towards Paradip. Kendrapara is just two and half hour drive from Bhubaneswar Airport on the National Highway 5 and 5 A.(If you go non-stop by your car). The Nearest Railway station is at Cuttack which is 55 kilometre from Kendrapara town.


The map of Kendrapara District.

As of the 2001 census, "Karilo patana" had a population of 2,697 in 625 households.[1] The municipality had a sex ratio of 1000 females per 1,000 males.[1] Kendrapara has an average literacy rate of 77.33%, higher than the national average of 59.5%: male literacy is 87.62%, and female literacy is 67.29%. In Kendrapara, 12% of the population is under 6 years of age. The local language is Oriya, the state language, but a high degree of fluency is also present in Hindi, English, as well as some familiarity with Urdu in some parts of the population.

Hindus form the dominant majority of the population. There is a substantial Muslim minority.


In the field of education also Kendrapara is not behind. There are so many schools and colleges which are engaged in creating well qualified professionals in all the fields. Some of the educational institutions of Kendrapara are:

  • Derabish High School, Derabis
  • Kansar Sahaspur High School, Kansar Sahaspur
  • Ramachandra High School, Fakirabad
  • Chhatabata girls High school, Hafimelak
  • Baldevjew High School
  • Balia Women's College
  • Kendrapara Law College
  • Maruti Ucha Bidyapitha, Baghilo
  • Panchayat High School, Laxminarayan Pur
  • Balia Govt. High School
  • Chandol College
  • Kendrapara Institute of Engg. & Tech.(KIET)06727-221003
  • Jagulaipara Deshpur Girls High School
  • Balia High School
  • Derabish College
  • PNS Diploma college
  • NM Industrial Training Center, Balia, Bhagatpur. Miss Mitali Madhusmita Pradhan Member Of Managing Committee
  • Bhagabanpur High School
  • Kendrapara College [1]
  • Naindipur High School by Amar Das
  • Bharati Bidya Mandir
  • Marsaghai College
  • Karilopatna college, Karilopatna
  • Dohali High School
  • Tulsi Women's College
  • Government Girl's High School
  • Lokanath Mohavidyalaya, Korua
  • Gulnagar High School
  • Ichhapur High School
  • Kalapada High School
  • Ideal Public School
  • Unique Public School, Derabis
  • Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Baro
  • Joyaram High School Karilopatna
  • Kendrapara Boys High School
  • Naindipur High School,Naindipur
  • Marsaghai High School
  • Netaji Subhash English Medium School
  • Rajagarh High school
  • Saraswati Sisu Vidya Mandir
  • Pradhan Patikira M.E. School Written By Pradyumna Kumar Rout (DIPU)
  • Unique Public School, Derabis
  • St. Joseph School
  • Standard Public School
  • Sudersan High School, Thakurhat
  • Kudanagari High School, Kudanagari
  • Balabehari Bidyapitha, Mahal
  • Sidha Marichiyani Bidyaptha, Manatir
  • Kuanarpal UP School (B) Kuanarpal, Marshaghi, Kendrapara.
  • Harekrushna High School, Damarpur, Pattamundai
  • Pattamundai College, Pattamundai
  • S.N. College, Rajkanika
  • M.N. High School, Pattamundai


  • Radha Ramana Matha,Pradhan Patikira Written By Pradyumna Kumar Rout (DIPU) on 20-06-11***
  • Narayani Oriental Research Society (N.O.R.S), Tirinia, Kendrapara
  • Potali Matha
  • Nrusingha Tikiri Matha (BayaBaba Matha), Kendrapara
  • Anata Matha
  • Baba Baikuntha Nath Brahmachari Math (Hanuman Mandir, Garapur)
  • Sankara Baba Matha, Rajagarh
  • Sukaparikshita Sanskrutika Parisada, Kudanagari


  • Azad hind sports club, Pattamundai, SK Mustaq Hussain (Secretary)
  • Mission for Allied Social Service (MASS), Derabish, Burhan Khan (president) Abdul Raheman Khan (SECY), Naim Akhter (Treasurer) Derabis
  • Sahara Educational And Welfare Trust. Chairman (Burhan Khan)

Notable residents[edit]

Kendrapara has produced a number of well-known personalities. Like famous astronomer, mathematician and writer of Suskhma Sphuta Siddhanta Pandit Sri Gokulananda Routray (1947–2009). Nowadays young and enthusiastic professionals are coming up and have established their names in the fields like software and IT industry, petroleum industry, management, finance, education, administration, politics, well-known media personality like Itishree Nayak (Rajiv Gandhi Sadbhavana Award for Electronic Media Oriya -2006) also belonging to Tripurari Pur village of Mangal Pur Gram Panchayat, Derabish Block of Kendrapara District.


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