Karim Abdel Aziz

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Karim Abdel Aziz
Born (1975-08-17) August 17, 1975 (age 39)
Cairo, Egypt
Occupation Actor and Director

Karim Abdel Aziz (born Cairo, Egypt, August 17, 1975) is an Egyptian actor. He is the son of director Mohammad Abdul Aziz and nephew of film director Omar Abdel Aziz, while his aunt is the actress Samira Muhsin. Both his father and his uncle are known for the imprint that their films have left on modern Egyptian cinema.[citation needed]


Karim played his first role at the age of five, later graduating from the Cinema Institute in 1994. He began work at the Film Institute Department of Directing and was assistant director for a short time in 1997.

Ahmed Nader Galal, Ahmed Samir Farag, Marwan Wahid Hamed and Mohamed Ismail Shafei all graduated from the Cinema Institute alongside Karim.

His first movie role was in Edhak Elsora Tetlaa Helwa (1997) and he was then was chosen by Samira Ahmed for a role in the 1998 TV series Emraa mn zaman el Hob.


No. Year Movie Role
1 1978 Intabeho Ayoha alsada
2 1978 Albaad Yadhab llma'zon Maratain
3 1981 Al Mashboh
4 1998 Edhak ilsora tetla helwa
5 1999 Aboud alal Elhodod
6 2000 Gnon Elhayat
7 2000 Leh khaltny ahebak Hisham
8 2002 Haramiyya Fi KG2 Hassan
9 2003 Haramiyya Fi Thailand Hassan
10 2004 El Pasha Telmiz Basioni
11 2005 Abu Ali Abu Ali
12 2006 Wahed Mn El nas Mahmoud
13 2006 Fi Mahatet Misr Reda
14 2008 Khareg Ala ilkanon Omar Elwakil
15 2010 Awlad Elam Mostafa
16 2011 Fasel Wa Na'od Arabi

|}17 2014 the blue elephant Yahya rashed


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