Karki, Azerbaijan

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View of Tigranashen from the main north-south highway of Armenia
View of Tigranashen from the main north-south highway of Armenia
KarkiTigranashen is located in Azerbaijan
Coordinates: 39°47′08″N 44°56′37″E / 39.78556°N 44.94361°E / 39.78556; 44.94361
Country Azerbaijan (Occupied by Armenia)
Autonomous republic Nakhchivan
Rayon Sadarak
Time zone AZT (UTC+4)
 • Summer (DST) AZT (UTC+5)

Karki (also Kərki, Kiarki, Kyarki) or Tigranashen is de jure an exclave of Azerbaijan's Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic. Since May 1992 following the Nagorno-Karabakh War, it has been controlled de facto by Armenia, which administers the territory as part of its Ararat Province. The main highway connecting northern Armenia with southern Armenia passes right by the village, which is today mostly inhabited by Armenians, both locals and refugees from Azerbaijan.[1] It has been renamed Tigranashen by the Armenian government after the ancient king Tigranes the Great, under whose reign the Kingdom of Armenia attained its greatest power.[2] Its size is about 19 square kilometers.[3]

After the war, many of the former inhabitants of Karki resettled in a new village with the name of New Karki (Azeri: Yeni Kərki), created within the Kəngərli Rayon (region) of Azerbaijan.

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Coordinates: 39°47.3′N 44°57.0′E / 39.7883°N 44.9500°E / 39.7883; 44.9500