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Karl, Truchsess von Waldburg (7 August 1548 – 18 June 1593), Baron and Steward of Waldburg in Trauchburg (1580), Imperial minister. Karl was born in the Fürstenburg fortress of Heiligenberg, the third son of William, known as the Younger, (6 March 1518 – 17 January 1566), Baron and Seneschal of Waldburg and an Imperial Councilor, and his wife, Johanna v. Fürstenberg (1529–1589). His family was an old Swabian house and he was descended from the Jacobin line of the House.[1]

After 1580, he also bore the title Truchseß von Waldburg in Trauchburg (1580) and president of the Imperial Judicial Chambers.[2] He served his brother, Gebhard Truchsess von Waldburg, as steward and stadtholder of Bonn after 1582, and as his brother's general in the Cologne War (1582–1589). He migrated with his brother to Strasbourg at the conclusion of the war in 1589, and died there in 1593.[3] He is buried in the Strasbourg Minister.[4]

On 6 May 1572, he married Countess Leonore of Hohenzollern (15 February 1551 – after 2 April 1605), daughter of Charles I, Count of Hohenzollern and Margravine Anna of Baden-Durlach.[5]

Family tree[edit]

Family information
William I Truchsess von Waldburg in Trauchburg 1470–17 March 1557, in Scheer
aka Wilhelm the Elder
House of Waldburg, Friedberg, Scheer etc.
William II Truchsess von Waldburg in Trauchburg
6 March 1518–17 January 1566
aka Wilhelm the Younger

Freiherr and Truchseß von Waldburg, in Trauchburg, Friedberg, Scheer etc., imperial counselor and chamerlain
Karl, Truchsess von Waldburg in Trauchburg (1547–1601
Friedrich (1546–1570)
Ggebhard (1547–1601)
Christoph (1551-1612)
Anna (d 1608)
Sibylle (d. 1585)
Margarete (d. 1612)
Ferdinand (1554–  1585)
Eleanore (d. 1609)'
Sibylle von Waldburg zu Sonnenberg
(born 6 November 1536)
Friedrich II von Fürstenberg
Wolfach 19 July 1496–8 March 1559; m. 19 February 1516
House of Fürstenberg
Johanna von Fürstenberg
12 May 1529–3 March 1589

Countess Fürstenberg
Anna von Werdenberg
died 1554
House of Fürstenberg
aka Heiress of Heiligenberg
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