Karl Georg von Raumer

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Karl Georg von Raumer (9 April 1783 – 2 June 1865) was a German geologist and educator.


Raumer was born in Wörlitz. He was educated in Göttingen, Halle and Freiberg, and in 1811 became professor of mineralogy at Breslau, was called to Halle in 1819 and in 1827 settled permanently as professor of natural history at Erlangen. He died in Erlangen.


  • Geognostische Fragmente (1811)
  • A B C Buch der Krystallkunde (ABC's of crystals; 1817, 1821)
  • Lehrbuch der allgemeinen Geographie (Basic geography, 1832)
  • Geschichte der Pädagogik (A history of pedagogy, 1843–51) An important book on education which was translated into English and also published in the United States.
  • Beschreibrung der Erdoberfläche (Description of the Earth's surface, 6th ed., 1866)

He also wrote an autobiography (Stuttgart, 1866).


He is the brother of the historian Friedrich Ludwig Georg von Raumer. His son Rudolf von Raumer was a noted philologist.