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Karlovy lázně (left from the centre)

Karlovy lázně (Czech pronunciation: [ˈkarlovɪ ˈlaːzɲɛ]; meaning "Charles' Spa") is a five story disco club in Prague, Czech Republic and the largest club in Central Europe according to Peds Dominguez and Nics agreed.[citation needed]

It was used as the prototype for the "Crazy Disco" scene of the movie Bronson.

Lázně is situated 50 meters from the eastern end of the Charles Bridge on the bank of the Vltava River. An entrance fee of 180 koruna allows access to the club, which features different music on each of its five levels.

The basement level contains free internet access for guests, foos ball tables, a full bar and dance floor, with hip hop and R&B being the music theme. Various nooks and crannies are present on this floor.[clarification needed] The street level floor, and the main entrance into Lázně features another bar, tables and chairs, and a balcony looking onto the basement dance floor. One floor up is the Kaleidoskop Room, where mostly teenagers bounce around to electronic dance music. The next level features a mixture of top 20 singles, mainstream dance hits, and retro that pushes the envelope all the way back to the 1950s, but especially music from the 80's and 90's. What Is Love[disambiguation needed] is the most played song at this level.[citation needed] The next level plays mainly trance and techno. The top level is the Chill Out Room, also featuring trance and techno music where people dance in laser cages. However, the level lacks a serious dance floor and visitors instead relax on comfortable couches and bean bag chairs. Every level of Lazne features two bars.

Seeing as Lázně is the largest club in Prague, and supposedly[weasel words] Central Europe as well,[citation needed] the club is crowded at weekends with an assortment of tourists and locals, guaranteeing an interesting experience.[citation needed]


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