Karlsøya (Troms)

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For other islands named Karlsøya, see Karlsøya.
Norway - Karlsøya.png
Location in Troms
Location Troms, Norway
Coordinates 70°00′23″N 19°54′24″E / 70.0065°N 19.9067°E / 70.0065; 19.9067Coordinates: 70°00′23″N 19°54′24″E / 70.0065°N 19.9067°E / 70.0065; 19.9067
Area 7.91 km2 (3.05 sq mi)
Length 5 km (3.1 mi)
Width 2 km (1.2 mi)
Highest elevation 206 m (676 ft)
Highest point Veten
County Troms
Municipality Karlsøy

Karlsøya is an island in the municipality of Karlsøy in Troms county, Norway. The 7.91-square-kilometre (3.05 sq mi) island of Karlsøya lies directly south of Vannøya and northeast of Reinøya, along the western side of the Ullsfjorden.[1] The one village area on the island is known as Karlsøy and in 2001, it had a population of 70.[2]

The island was the centre of Karlsøy for many hundreds of years (hence the name of the municipality). The island is still the location of the historic Karlsøy Church. The name Karlsøy comes from the man's name Kalfr which comes from Kalven, formerly meaning "the little island which lies next to the bigger one" (referring to Vannøya).

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