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Karma-Ann Swanepoel was the lead singer of Henry Ate, she has consequently gone solo releasing her first album Karma in 1998. The South African born rock star shot to fame in the mid-1990s with hit songs like Just and Henry Ate


Before Karma's departure to the USA in 2003,[1] Karma had attained huge success in South Africa. Her song Just was counted as No. 1 in the 5FM 2001 music countdown.[2]

Her musical style is one consisting of folk, acoustic, and South African harmony.

Civil litigation with Lil Wayne[edit]

Henry Ate's/Karma's song 'Once' is sampled by Lil Wayne in the mixtape track, I Feel Like Dying. The lawsuit accuses the recording artist of copyright infringement. Karma-Ann Swanepoel claims Lil Wayne didn't have permission to sample a song by singer and is suing for compensatory damages, even though the rapper did not profit directly from the song as it was leaked to the internet and passed via peer-to-peer websites and not sold on any retail album.[1]


Slap in the Face [1996]

One Day Soon (as Karma) [1998]

Torn and Tattered [2000]

96 - 02 - The Singles [2002]

Don't Walk Fly [2005]

Working Title [2005]

Even If She Tried [2008]

Paper Cuts [2008]



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