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Hammerheart Records (known as Karmageddon Media between 2004 and 2010) is a Dutch independent record label specializing in death metal, black metal, doom metal and folk metal bands from around the world. The label is incorporated in the Netherlands as Hammerheart Holdings B.V. In 2010, the label changed its name back to Hammerheart Records again and started signing new bands.

Notable releases include Greece's Septic Flesh (under Hammerheart) and the bootlegs Zero Tolerance I & II, released as Chuck Schuldiner but featuring rehearsal tapes and live recordings of the band Death, leading to litigation with Schuldiner's Estate and a withdrawal of the titles in October 2009. The company settled with the Estate in December 2009, relinquishing any claims on Schuldiner's masters or material.

This company is owned by Guido Heijnens and Peter van Ool.

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