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Karmsund Powerline Crossing

Karmsund is a strait dividing the island of Karmøy and the town of Haugesund (in addition to nearby mainland and some minor islands) in western Norway. The Karmsund Bridge linking Karmøy to the mainland was completed in 1955.

Near the Norsk Hydro Factory three powerlines cross Karmsund on 143 metres tall electricity pylons, which are the tallest in Norway.

The eddic poem Grímnismál says that Thor, the weather god, wades the straits at Karmsund every morning on his way to Yggdrasil, the tree of life.

Standing above Karmsund, near Haugesund, is Haraldshaugen, a monument commemorating the traditional burial site for several early Norwegian rulers including Harald I.

Karmsund is also the name of a local newspaper, Karmsund Avis.[1]


Coordinates: 59°22′37″N 5°17′40″E / 59.37694°N 5.29444°E / 59.37694; 5.29444