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Sampark Kranti express of Karnataka runs between Yeswanthapur near Bangalore to Hazrat Nizamuddin near Delhi, in addition an another Karnataka Sampark Kranti started which runs between Chandigarh and Yeswanthpur. It provides a good substitute to the Karnataka Express and also of superfast category.

Karnataka Sampark Kranti Express
Karnataka Sampark Kranti Express AC 1st cum AC 2 tier coach
Karnataka Sampark Kranti Express AC 3 tier


Karnataka Sampark Kranti Express has 3 routes:

12649/12650 Karnataka Samparkkranti Express (via Kacheguda) Route map
12629/12630 Karnataka Samparkkranti Express (via Hubli) Route map


  • Sampark kranti Express were introduced to provide faster connectivity from other than state capitals to the Country capital. Sampark kranti i.e. revolution in connectivity was aimed at providing a very fast connectivity. 12649/50 travels faster than the Karnataka Express and is quite preferred.

It is the best train running between the electronic city and new delhi with super fast speed. The washrooms are maintained efficiently and the staff is also very efficient and hardworking. The train is always on time and has never been late often. It is the best option for time saving as it reaches bangalore on 2nd day at 19:00 at evening faster than bangalore rajdhani which is considered an expensive option and less worthy. The fare of train is very nominal.


Karnataka Sampark Kranti Express runs at an average speed of approx 65 km/h (40.3m/h)and peak speed approx 110 km/h (68.3m/h).


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