University of Economics in Katowice

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University of Economics
in Katowice
Uniwersytet Ekonomiczny w Katowicach
Logo UE Katowice
Latin: Universitas Oeconomicae Catoviciensis
Established 1937
Type public
Rector Prof. Leszek Żabiński, Ph.D.
Academic staff 476 (2011/2012)
Admin. staff 500 (2011/2012)
Students 15000 (2012/2013)
Location Katowice, Poland

University of Economics in Katowice is a higher education institution in Katowice, Poland.

Rectorate's Building
Section in Rybnik
Section in Bielsko-Biała


University of Economics - then the College of Social and Economic Sciences - was opened to students on January 11, 1937 when first lectures at the Faculty of Industrial Organisation took place. The first Rector of the University was Dr. Józef Lisak. Not long after the foundation of the University, the World War II began and the school was closed between September 1939 and February 1945.

After the war, the number of students increased very quickly and the University authorities decided to move both the academic and administrative sections from the Śląskie Techniczne Zakłady Naukowe (Silesian School of Technology) buildings to the old city hall in Katowice-Zawodzie (Rector's Office) and Building A at Bogucicka street. The academic year 1946/1947 was inaugurated in the new buildings.

In 1950 the Polish government decided to standardize economic education in the whole country. At that time, the name of the University was changed to State College of Economic Administration. In 1972, to mark its 35th anniversary, the University was given the name of Karol Adamiecki and two years later the school gained its present name.

Latest changes include modernization of the old buildings, as well as the opening of new didactic-accommodation facilities. The organization of the University has also undergone some changes related to the growing number of faculties and specializations, such as the foundation of the Faculty of Finance and Insurance in 2002 and the Faculty of Informatics and Communication in 2009.

By the decision of the Polish Parliament, since 1 October 2010 the name of our institution in Polish changes from "Akademia Ekonomiczna im. Karola Adamieckiego w Katowicach" to "Uniwersytet Ekonomiczny w Katowicach".




Vice-Rector for Science, Research and Academic Staff Development

Vice-Rector for Education and International Cooperation

Vice-Rector for Organisational Affairs, Finance and Development

Dean of the Faculty of Economics

Dean of the Faculty of Finance and Insurance

Dean of the Faculty of Management

Dean of the Faculty of Informatics and Communication

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