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Karol Ernest Wedel (1813 - 1902) was a candy maker of German ancestry member of the Wedel family, who settled in (then partitioned) Poland.

He was faithful of the Evangelical-Augsburg Church in Poland.

Wedel was a German candy maker who came to Warsaw in the beginning of 1845 and began to cooperate with Karol Grohnert who was an owner of a confectionery store at 12 Piwna Street. The cooperation between two men lead to success and to a large faithful group of consumers.

Soon after, around 1851, Karol Wedel became financially independent and opened his own store at 12 Miodowa Street, and next to it, a steam-powered factory making chocolates. His company, E.Wedel, would grow to become a leading confectionery company of Poland. One year later, he introduced his great hit "karmelki smietankowe" ("cream caramels"); the "karamelki smietankowe" success was aided by a successful commercial campaign in "Kurier Warszawski" newspaper.

"Totally new and distinct "confectioner’s" composition, and over all a substance that cures and alleviates all chest pains, extremely effective for the aliments of the spring months, and even for those not suffering and those who favour great delicate flavour—very pleasant product."

Another product made popular by Wedel was hot chocolate. The store was selling over fifty cups a day of the hot chocolate. As the years passed, more products were introduced. By 1862, the "C.E. Wedel" company placed ads in Warsaw's newspapers for chocolates such as "Brilliant" and "Dessert". These were described as "Chocolat praline a'la crem aux nougat, aux pistaches, napolitan, de demes, de brilliant a'la vanille royal, a'la sultan"—in different shapes and flavours, candy made of almonds, royal marcepan, caramels, and prepared fruit -- "prunelles glaces -- reingloud glaces et fruits cristallises."

Wedel married Karolina Wisnowska (1819-1893), daughter of another famous Warsaw candy and sweets maker. In 1864, Wedel's son, Emil Albert Fredryk Wedel (1841-1919) returned from an apprenticeship tour of confectioneries in Germany, Switzerland, England, and France, and received a Ph.D. in Chemistry (Food Chemistry). Immediately, he started helping in the running of the family business. In 1876, his father gave him the company as a wedding gift on the very day of his marriage to Karolina.


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