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Karosa is a bus manufacturer from Vysoké Mýto town of Czech Republic. In 1994 it became a part of Renault V. I., which itself was later, in 1999 integrated into the Irisbus holding (since 2003 wholly owned by the Iveco Group). Since 1997 started the production of modernized 800-series. In the same year the new 900-series were projected.

LC936XE Series[edit]

47-seat tourist bus LC936XE is based on the same urban bus version, however it got 295-horse power diesel engine, mechanical 8-step transmission electromagnetic brake "Telma", two edge doors, more comfortable chairs, pneumatically suspended driver's seat, regulated position of a steering wheel, air conditioning, ASR.

  • Its «very own» front cab design now is as simple as, in first samples of Renault FR1 bus.
Karosa B 941

В931Е/В932Е Series[edit]

As a basis 3-door version of Karosa В931Е was taken. The model В931Е features a length of 11,345 milimeters a full mass of 18 tons, 102passenger capacity, including places for 19-32 standees.

  • By the rear of the bus 6-cylinder Renault 256 horsepower diesel engine is installed. It satisfies all the Euro 2 norms. There was also 3- or 4-step Voith or ZF transmission installed.

Model В932Е[edit]

Differs for others by the usage of 5-step "Praga", Czech-manufactured transmission.

Articulated model В941Е[edit]

Is based on both В931Е/В932Е Series. Its capacity is 113 passengers, it is equipped with French-manufactured 295 hp diesel engine, it also feature turbo-blow and 3-step transmission. Its length is 17.6 m, full mass is 26 tons.

С934Е, the intercity model[edit]

Doesn't differ much from В932Е, besides the installation of 2 sliding doors and a passenger space planned to accommodate 54 passengers.

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