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A BMW BAUR Landaulet TC4.
An Opel Kadett C 1.2 Aero.
BMW E21 320/6 Baur TC1

Baur is a Karosserie or coachbuilder in Stuttgart, Germany, which has been building BMW convertibles since the 1930s. Currently, they are the body and assembly works for IVM Automotive, a member the Ed Group. They do prototype work for many manufacturers such as Porsche, Audi and Ford.

The Baur family received a patent for the design of a folding top for luxury automobiles about the time BMW was building the first car with the BMW name.[citation needed]

Baur was established in 1910 and produced, among others, 1682 1600-2 Cabriolets, 200 2002 Cabriolets, 2597 E110 700 Sport Cabriolets and most of the 450 or so M1's (after Lamborghini could not fulfil its contractual obligations).[citation needed]

In 1971 they began production of the safer "targa" style body with the 2002. (Targa was a registered Porsche name, so they had to call it something else) Originally an aftermarket option available through BMW dealers, the E21 3-series TC1 was built with full factory authorization, and covered in the factory warranty. There were 4595 E21 Baurs built between 1978-1982. The roll-bar version or "Top Cabrio" (TC) continued with the E30 TC2 even after Baur developed the BMW E30 Convertible design for BMW, and which BMW built.

Total E30 TC2 production by Baur was 10,865 in Europe, and 3,561 in South Africa. This was broken down into the following quantities:[citation needed] 316: 1362

316i: 1805

318i: 2377

318iS: 97

320i: 2538

323i: 1660

325e: 430

325i: 481

325iX: 114

Of these, 1806 units were delivered to the UK.[citation needed]

The Opel Kadett C Aero was produced from 1976 to 1978, with a Baur top. Then there was the Baur TC3 of 1987, which was stopped by the production of the BMW Z1.[citation needed] The cars were aimed at the same market.

Even though BMW now had its own E36 convertible, E36 Baur TC4 conversions were still available, although this iteration was based on the E36 four-door and featured fixed door frames.[1]

All Porsche 959s were actually produced at Baur, not at Porsche, on an assembly line with Porsche inspectors overseeing the finished bodies. Most of Porsche's special order interior leather work was also done by the workers at Baur.[citation needed]

At one time,[when?] all suspension components for the Audi Quattro suspension unique to that model were produced by robot welding equipment at Baur.[citation needed]

In 2002, the Baur G-Cabrio XL, a convertible based on the Mercedes-Benz G-Class was shown at the Geneva Auto Show.

Here is a chronological chart of the history of the Baur Company, showing the founding of the company, and the history of Baur's affiliation with a number of manufacturers including, but not limited to, BMW.


Time Description

1910 Company Formation

1910 - 1927 Production of single structures and carrying out repair work

1912 first patent (276 663) "umlegbares masking for luxury cars"

1913 "Record"-body combination

1927 Maybach convertible

1927 - 1935 first series production order for 200 convertibles brand walkers

1928 BAUR begins the era of "spot welding"

1929 - 1939 Development and production of convertible HORCH PULLMANN

1935 Production for Wanderer, DKW and BMW (320/326)

1936 Ford V8 Convertible Sedan

1936 Wanderer W25K Cabriolet

1936 - 1941 Development and production of the DKW F5, F7 and F8

1938 Lancia Aprilia Sport Cabriolet

1938 BMW 320 Sport Cabriolet

1939 Opel Admiral Convertible

1939 - 1945 Workshop production of cars, truck chassis, power generators, Drum Trucks, cars, car operation

1945 - 1950 Reconstruction of the devastated production

1949 - 1952 DKW F10 production and conversion of the pre-war models on M49 steel body

1950 - 1953 Development and production "Veritas Dyna" Panhard with aggregates

1953 - 1955 Development and production of the BMW 501

1954 - 1956 Development and production of two-door coupe and four-and convertibles based on the BMW 501/502

1956 - 1957 Development and production of complete Maico 500

1957 - 1965 Development and production of the Auto Union 1000 SP

1961 - 1963 Production of bodyshells of the BMW 700 Convertible

1963 - 1964 Manufacture of roof construction for the DKW F12

1964 - 1965 Shell of the BMW 700 LS Coupe

1967 - 1975 Development and production of convertibles based on the BMW 1600/2002

1973 - 1979 Development and production of complete vehicles Bitter CD

1976 - 1978 Development and production of the Opel Kadett Aero

1978 - 1982 Development and production of the BMW BAUR TC 1 (E21)

1978 - 1981 Final assembly and completion of the BMW M1

1978 - 1987 Production of the BMW 7 Series vehicle safety

1980 - 1991 Production of welded assemblies for the Audi Quattro

1983 - 1991 Development and production of the BMW BAUR TC 2 (E30)

1984 Production of Kevlar body of the Audi Sport Quattro

1985 - 1988 Production of shell bodies for the Porsche 959

1988 Presentation of BAUR TC3

1988 - 1991 Production and final assembly of the space frame of the BMW Z1

1992 - 1996 Development and production of the BMW BAUR TC4 (E36)

(Data from the website of BAUR TC2 Interest Group)


The chart below shows the numbers of E21 TC1 Baurs that were exported by the factory, and their respective destinations. As you can see, according to this chart, only 3 TC1 Baurs were ever officially exported to the USA.

Country No. of items Country No. of items Country No. of items Country No. of items
Africa 15 France 148 Qatar 2 Arab Emirates 18
Egypt 7 French Guiana 2 Colombia 11 Singapore 2
Andorra A Great Britain 566 Kuwait A Spain 11
Argentina A Guadaloup A Martinique A South Africa 85
Australia 82 Hong Kong 13 Netherlands 70 Tunisia A
Bahrain A Ireland 9 Austria 4 Turkey A
Belgium 131 Italy 253 Panama 2 USA 3
Cayen A Jordan A Saudi Arabia 2 Cyprus 4
Chile 2 Canada 17 Sweden 37
Denmark 5 Canary Islands 2 Switzerland 38

In the chart below, you can see that there are now 65 reported TC1 Baurs in the US. I am sure that Baurspotting is the source of that figure, although the number needs to be updated. We have now found and identified 80 TC1 Baurs. And still counting! Stay tuned!

Countries to my knowledge by Baur No. or photos (will always be under construction) Counting on and on ...

Country No. of items Country No. of items Country No. of items Country No. of items
Argentina 4 Canada 4 Romania 2 South Africa 7
Australia 28 Colombia 11 Sweden 6 Czechia 8
Belgium 38 Latvia A Switzerland 12 Tunisia 2
Brazil A Lithuania A Serbia A Turkey 3
Bulgaria 2 Malaysia 2 Singapore A Hungary A
Chile 3 New Zealand 7 Spain 20 USA 65
Denmark 5 Netherlands 101 Cyprus A
Estonia 5 Norway 4
Finland A Austria 5
France 59 Panama A
Greece A Philippines A
Great Britain 125 Poland 9
Hong Kong 2 Portugal 2
Italy 33 Puerto Rico A
Indonesia 2
Ireland 7
Iran A



http://baurspotting.blogspot.com/2012/07/production-and-export-figures-for-e21.html http://baurspotting.blogspot.com/

2002 Baur Targa - 1972 to 1975

BMW produced a limited run of Targa models (often referred to as the Baur convertibles) From 1972 to 1975, they existed with targa-tops, a removable metal roof section over the front seats, and a soft fold-down rear window. All of the Targa models were 2002s and only 1,963 were produced. The rare New Class convertibles were built for BMW by Baur as a true cabriolet and as a Targa (roll-bar) model in 1600 and 2002 styles. Mechanically, the convertibles are identical to the coupes, except they are two inches shorter than the coupes. Baur’s Targa version of the 02 series was introduced in 1971 for the European market. Few were imported into North America. The Targa model had a sunroof and a convertible rear windscreen. The Targa had a built-in roll bar as a safety feature. The rear portion of the top folded down and the midsection was removable. The extra “hardware” added about 110 pounds to the vehicle’s weight.

Source: http://classicandvintagebmw.tumblr.com/02targa Courtesy of http://baurspotting.blogspot.com/


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